Biden In Deep After He Fires Another Prosecutor Investigating Democrat Corruption

Posted by on February 20, 2021 9:49 pm
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With all of his incompetence there is one thing that Joe Biden does really well and that is to fire or have fired any prosecutor investigating his family and his party.

We all know the story about how Jo0e Biden convinced Ukraine to fire their top prosecutor who was investigating Burisma and Hunter Biden.

Now, Joe Biden has fired US Attorney  John Lausch, who for the past two years has been rounding up crooked Democrats by the handful.

Joe Biden fired him even though both Democratic Senators from the state asked him not to. Lausch’s office nailed an alderman in the city of Chicago that had served since 1969.

Edward Burke had been in the crosshairs of prosecutors for four decades but Lausch was the first to get an indictment against him.

Lausch then went after the longest-serving Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan. Lausch had him nailed in a pay-to-play scheme involving COMED, the local power company, among other shady deals he and his cronies participated in. Politicians in Illinois were very worried about which Democrats he would nail next.

Joe Biden fixed it so they no longer need to worry. In fact, Joe Biden fired all 56 US Attorneys appointed by Donald Trump. Biden wants to replace them with candidates who pledge not to go after Hunter or any member of the Democratic party.

Washington Free Beacon:

Lausch’s abrupt removal has drawn bipartisan criticism from Illinois lawmakers who say he should be allowed to finish his work or depart on a longer timeline to ensure an orderly transition. The president asked all Trump-appointed U.S. attorneys to resign by the end of February but allowed two to remain in place to conclude politically sensitive work.

With much of the state’s Democratic establishment in his sights, it’s not clear why Biden did not extend the same courtesy to Lausch. Madigan’s resignation, timed as it is with Lausch’s imminent departure, will raise even more pointed questions for Lausch’s successor about the future of the case.

The timing of Lausch’s firing is especially suspicious since he had already indicted several Democrats surrounding Madigan and with the noose tightening, Madigan had to step down.

Maybe he should have waited for Quid Pro Joe.

The company provided payments, subcontracts, and no-show jobs to various Madigan cronies in return for favorable legislation.

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