Dems: Withhold Covid Vaccine Based On Race … Seriously

Posted by on February 20, 2021 11:18 pm
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‘Uh, wut?’  In the latest edition of … ‘uh, dude, that’s racist’, we are featuring one of the Democrat Party’s Senators from the once great state of Taxachussets.

While those of us on the right do not even think about taking someone’s skin color into account when making decisions, the leaders of the Democrat Party see only one thing when they look at their constituency … RACE.

Well, I guess that is not quite fair, they like to separate people based on sex, sexual orientation, religion, but race seems to be far and away their favorite way to sort people.

If sorting people based on race was not bad enough, they are determining which people are ‘good’ and which are ‘bad’ based on their race, or so it seems.

If there was anything worse … hmmmm, what could that be … how about distributing ‘life saving’ vaccines to people, or withholding it from Americans based on … their skin color.

Everyday I ask this, but I feel compelled to ask again … how did we get here?  Making decisions about who gets medicine and who does not based on race?

Perhaps we should remember this next time the Democrats want the government to take over the healthcare industry.

Fox News reports:

Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey said that “racial justice” should be the first priority in vaccinating Americans. 

Many ripped the liberal senator’s tweet, saying that minimizing deaths should be the number one priority. 

“Racial justice must be our number one priority as we distribute the COVID-19 vaccine,” the Connecticut Democrat. “Join me live with @SenWarren, @RepPressley, @NikaElugardo,@macurry01, and Rev. Culpepper as we discuss the need for greater equity and accessibility in vaccinations.” 

“No, it must not,” Fox News’ Guy Benson replied.

“Shouldn’t the priority be those most vulnerable to severe illness and even death from COVID?” Fox News’ Brit Hume wrote on Twitter. ‘

I have to admit that I did not think that ‘rationing care based on race’ was one of the reasons to be weary of  government run healthcare, yet here we are.

Not that I want one of those shots, but seriously, imagine thinking that deciding who got medicine based on their skin color was, 1) ethical, 2) a good idea, 3) ok to mention aloud, 4) something you should tell the nation on Twitter?  This guy! …

Ed Markey, that’s who.

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