New Absolute Proof Video: Your Support of Mike Lindell’s My Pillow is Big Box’s Loss

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Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, has been de-platformed and had his 100 products dropped by over 23 “Big Box” retailers in an attempt to censor him and shut him out of the public square ever since he started his investigation into the 2020 Presidential Election.

“The Big Box stores are the ones to lose out.  Lindell’s products are awesome. In fact, we are going to encourage people to buy some more. Use the code “BIGBOX “to send a message to platforms what they are missing out on,” David Harris Jr. said.

“For some of these retailers, My Pillow products are their number one bestsellers,” Lindell told Harris in a recent interview.

“We are starting a new challenge this weekend, to encourage people to watch our films and especially share the new video in our series on voter irregularities, ” a person close to Lindell said Friday.

We will get you total dollar amounts for anyone who uses the code: BIGBOX

“These guys think they can just deplatform us, threaten us with lawsuits, ignore our data, and pressure retailers to put us out of business, and I know Americans won’t let that happen,” Lindell said.

Lindell’s company is famous for the innovative My Pillow; however, the list of products Lindell manufactures is long. He has over 100 products, including sheets, towels, robes, pet beds.

My Pillow Products

David Harris Jr. Is a dedicated defender of Lindell’s, as an advocate of Free Speech:


Lindell, a tireless American patriot who became a supporter and defender of President Donald J. Trump’s, told David Harris Jr, upon meeting Trump as a Presidential candidate in 2016 and hearing about his America First policies for manufacturing, that he was excited about Trump’s presidency.

Lindell has been open about his recovery from substance abuse, crediting his success to his faith in Jesus and his ability to get work and build a company. Hence, it was a natural fit for Lindell to support Trump who was a Job making president.

Now Lindell is defending Trump by investing time, talent, and cash into a series of videos that detail what Lindell calls the largest cyberattack on America in the 2020 Presidential Election.

One of the companies being exposed in Lindell’s move, Dominion voting System, has threatened numerous times to sue Lindell for the claims he makes in his movies.  Lindell doubles down on the importance of getting the information to the public when he describes it as proof that there were enough irregularities in the tabulations ballots from numerous states to steal Trump’s election.

Lindell’s movie Absolute Proof has been seen, for free, by over 100 Million people worldwide, and he has released a second video to validate claims made in the first movie.

We covered the second video here:

Links to Lindell’s sites where the first and second movies will be hosted are in the article below.

Mike Lindell, the founder, and CEO of My Pillow, is a one-man voter integrity sleuth. He is determined to find the truth about the 2020 Presidential election between President Donald J. Trump and Democrat Joe Biden.

As promised, Lindell presented new evidence on Wednesday in a 30 min film focused on presenting evidence that accompanies his longer two-hour movie called “Absolute Proof” on Steve Bannon’s WarRoom Pandemic podcast.

The shorter 30 Min. Video has been released and is being hosted on the following two websites as of Wednesday morning.

Lindell was experiencing rolling blackouts and told Bannon to bookmark these two sites and check back if the movie gets taken down for any reason.


A new, shorter movie opens with a narrator saying:

“People want the evidence.  They say they will believe it when they see the evidence.  People on both sides know something terribly wrong happened on Nov. 3rd, but there has been no comprehensive place to see the evidence of widespread fraud until now.

So if you want to support a Patriot and send a message to the Big Box Retailers who are trying to pressure him to shop at MyPillow, use code: BIGBOX, and we will update you when we get some data.


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