Alert: Dems Pass Bill That Ends Election Integrity Once & For All

Posted by on February 21, 2021 2:33 am
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If you thought that the Democrats were not trying to fix our elections before the magical ‘Coronavirus’ appeared and killed the local economy, consolidated all the nation’s wealth and power in Silicon Valley, and paved the way for absurd election policy … think again.

The Democrats have been looking for the perfect opportunity to control each and every future election for decades, if not longer.

However, at least as early as 2018 they have been actively trying to pass bills that would allow them to do so.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Way back before the China Coronavirus pandemic — Democrats were pushing mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, and other schemes to steal their way into office.

Back in May 2020 Pelosi was already talking about mail-in voting in 2020 due to the coronavirus.

But it went back even further than that.
Democrats were pushing mail-in voting legislation back in January 2019!

Dienekes’ Place reported:

Long before they crippled our economy, killed small businesses and locked everyone into their homes, Democrats have been pushing voting by mail. Here’s the proof…

In January 2019, a full year before Americans had ever heard of COVID19, the Democrats in Washington introduced the Vote By Mail Act of 2019—a bill to “to allow all eligible voters to vote by mail in Federal elections.”

You can read it here.

Regardless of what Democrats are saying today, their “Vote By Mail” scheme has nothing to do with the China virus, and everything to do with power.’

One of Pelosi’s first moves after stealing back the gavel from the GOP in the House was HR 1 the “For the People Act.”

Rep Dan Crenshaw exposed an earlier incarnation of the law for what it really is way back in 2019, tweeting:

Today I offered a motion to recommit #HR1 reaffirming that only US citizens should have the right to vote.

Dems rejected it.

Next time you go to the ballot box, keep that in mind. The future of their party is in cities like San Fran, where illegals can vote. Let that sink in.’

Breaking 911 tweeted:

‘New bill introduced by House Dems called “For the People Act of 2021”

The bill prohibits any laws from being constructed that would forbid states from counting ballots received over 10 days after an election’

This is an all out, full court press, communist takeover of the country.  After Trump, the people who own this nation are not taking any more chances, they are locking us in our homes, stealing our God given rights and expecting us to just sit here and take it.

We need to organize and PEACEFULLY protest these aggressions against our Republic and let the left and their masters in the CCP know, these aggressions will not stand.

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