Biden’s AG Says He’s Coming For Trump Supporters

Posted by on February 21, 2021 7:49 pm
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If you remember the name Merck Garland it’s because he’s poor fella who Barry nominated for Scalia’s vacant Supreme Court seat … that Mitch and the boys in the Senate froze out.

I hate to give Mitch any credit because he’s about as trustworthy as a hungry crocodile, or a Biden around a … new mind, but at least held the line on the Supreme Court seat.

Well, seeing as ‘hell hath no fury like a Democrat scorned’ Obama and the CCP’s puppet in the White House, you know, ‘The Big Guy’, is going to try to get a now bitter as hell Merek Garland confirmed as the Attorney General.

His first order of business (assuming enough RINOs Cuck and accept the dismemberment of what America is as the official policy of the Democrat control DOJ) is going to be going after Trump supporters.

Now, to be fair he doesn’t say he’s going after Trump supporters, but he does say he’s going after ‘white supremacists’ who just so happen to be Trump supports who went to the Capitol illegally.

I wonder if John Sullivan, one of the BLM/ radical leftist and Trump hating instigators who lead the mob into the Capitol Building will be one of those ‘White Supremacists’? … My Magic 8 Ball says ‘Not Likely’.

Fox News reported:

‘Garland will also discuss his “urgent” mission to uphold all Americans’ civil rights after a summer of racial justice protests

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