Texas Woman Blows The Whistle On Joe & Kamala!

Posted by on February 21, 2021 5:48 am
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Democrat Kamala Harris has taken the weekend to have a sunny vacation back in her hometown. At the same time, her duties in Washington, including advocating for the state of Texas, are put on hold.

“Tag everyone, tag Black Lives Matter, tag Joe Biden! Tag Kamala Harris,” a Texas woman says in a video.

Day #5 of Blackouts.

A Texas woman with two 15-month-old little girls describes neighbors sleeping in cars, residents not having any power, claiming that random areas are being chosen to be targeted for blackouts.

“There is no power and no gas here, and there is no reason for it.  We don’t have food; no trucks are allowed to deliver because of the power usage.  There is contaminated water, and the pipes are frozen. There is no water on the shelf.  We have no gas. We can’t receive blankets in Houston and Dallas. We are told we don’t know when we will have power.  We have no way out. The road is dangerous; they are trying to kill us.  No essentials for us.  We don’t have anything. We need the White House to hear this. Where is Joe Biden, and where is Kamala Harris.  They are determining who has power, saying who is essential.  They are trying to kill us. Warming Centers won’t let people in without vaccines. We can gather together in hotel rooms, and in the midst of all of this, they are fining people for being crowded.

We can’t use gas generators; we have no gas—Lool at these photos. People are dead in their homes; this is bigger than that.  Now it is time for people to come together.  We have no food and water,” the Texas woman said.

There are, in fact, reports of people freezing to death.

Harris has been called out for her lack of concern. She is on a personal visit back home to Brentwood, California.

Meanwhile, people are asking for her to pay attention to getting supplies to dying people in Texas. Increased reports of older adults freezing to death in their homes have been circulating.

Due to an increased need for water across the City of #FortWorth, the @FortWorthFire is currently accepting donations of water bottles at all 43 fire stations. If you can SAFELY travel out of your home & bring water to your local water station, it would be appreciated. Thank you!” wrote one of Harris’ supporters.  Read More At DavidHarrisJr.com

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