Megan McCain Is a “Flying Monkey” who Gaslights America Over Biden’s Racist Comments

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The term “Gaslight” or “Gaslighting” has been used to describe politicians and their media allies’ tactics to shape public opinion to their will; the tactic is rooted in deceit, falsehoods, and propaganda.

“There’s a bizarre gaslighting thing going on right now where people are like, “what does getting back to normal even mean?” as though it isn’t glaringly obvious what type of life we are all waiting to get back to,” a political watcher wrote recently. 

The concept of gaslighting someone else was introduced to the public in the 1940 movie “Gaslight,” whose plot showed how someone tries to make someone else feel crazy by stealing their belongings, moving things, and lying to them with deceitful measures.

It is a favorite tactic that the left uses to make people feel that they did not actually understand what they saw or heard.


Enter Megan McCain and her gaslighting of Americans over Democrat Joe Biden’s comments recently about Blacks and Hispanics not knowing how to use the internet to get the information they need.

On Monday, McCain wanted viewers to know that she didn’t know how to get the vaccine information, clearly in an attempt to misdirect the reaction people had after hearing Biden.

Mccain’s actions prevent Biden from facing the consequences of his words and actions.  McCain protects Biden with her powerful platform.

The reaction that Black Americans had, on their own, was real.

McCain clearly refuses to acknowledge the offense that was taken. She is trying to misdirect that energy and discredit those where victimized. It is clear to anyone who knows the tactics.

News quickly went viral at Biden’s major blunder.  Not only does it appear that Biden’s cognitive abilities are slipping, and he is forgetful, tired, and unable to grasp important concepts, but he is actually a racist.

Many examples point to that Biden is recklessly racist and has never been forced to confront his deep-seated racist beliefs because he has been a powerful and wealthy politician for the Democrats for close to 50 years.

If there is anything that popular TV personalities love and respect is political power and wealth.

In Biden’s customary racist way, the comments were made off the cuff, assuming that minorities are low IQ or ignorant of things other people understand. Biden is allowed to be highly offensive because of his political power, and he has many “clean up people” who are enabling his bad behavior.

Megan McCain is but one of his army of “clean up” crew.

Those people are considered to be “Flying Monkeys“.

For more on Gaslighting, see if can you can identify yourself in this movie and the Democrat-Establishment political/media alliance:


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