Fauci Accidentally Admits Covid ‘Vaccine’ Is Useless

Posted by on February 23, 2021 9:18 pm
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Look, I’m not a doctor so this is all my non scientific opinion based on the observations I’ve made by being a consumer of propaganda.  Propaganda from both sides of the isle, mind you.

My understanding was that you get a vaccine so that you end up with learned immunity and thus you need not worry about contracting an illness.

I got the Polio vaccine so that I do not end up like my Pop-Pop who had polio and needed a cane to get around his entire life.

I got the Tetanus vaccine so that when I stepped on rusty nails or did whatever kids did (that I always seemed to be doing) I would not end up with Tetanus.

Now, if someone could explain to me why I would get a vaccine if it does not change my life or protect me from contracting the very thing it is supposed to be saving me from contracting?

Maybe I am just a simpleton, redneck, conservative, neanderthal (no, seriously, you’ve read how I write, I don’t think we can rule this possibility out 😉) but this makes no sense to me.

Apparently, I’m not the only one.  The Gateway Pundit (the best site on the web IMHO) has more:

‘It really is stunning to see people treat this complete lunatic as if he is some sort of genius or saint.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been wrong about the coronavirus pandemic nearly every step of the way.

Dr. Fauci has made factual errors, contradictory statements and dangerous gaffes at least 19 times since the start of the coronavirus pandemic one year ago.

Dr. Fauci has destroyed more lives and killed more Americans than most US wars.  The true scale of his destruction has yet to be realized.

On Monday Dr. Fauci moved the goalposts once again.  Fauci now says, “There are things, even if you’re vaccinated, that you’re not going to be able to do in society. For example, indoor dining, theaters, places where people congregate.”’

We better stop listening to these people before every restaurant in shut down, every movie theater vacant, every, everything closed for good …

EXECPT those Silicon Valley websites that just pulled off the greatest consolidation of wealth, perhaps  in the history of the world.

Every single time this man opens his mouth more lives are ruined.  The good news is whatever he is saying today he will say the opposite next week.

I do have to admit they picked the perfect guy for the role, how could anyone think this guy was out to get them, or would ever be anything other that 100% honest and forthcoming?  He’s straight out of Central Casting.

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