Famous Lawyer Takes Mike Lindell’s Back Says Dominion Is F*****!

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Mike Lindell is a man of his word.  If Mike tell you that he looked into the election and he does not think it was on the level, he’s not doing this to ‘sell more pillows’.  The accusation is absurd and offensive.

When I spoke with Mr. Lindell the man was nothing but sincere, focused and committed to exposing what he 100% believes to be the truth.

Now, I would 100% corroborate Mike’s data, the problem is I have not done the hours and hours of research that he has to verify the information.

Standing up for what he believes has cost Mike Lindell and his MyPillow business AT LEAST 18 MAJOR RETAILERS.

Now, how often is it that you find an American willing to put his billion dollar company, that he build with his blood sweat and tears, hell with his SOUL, in order to have a chance to go up against the Deep State and prove their alleged fraud?

I can answer that for you, the answer is NEVER.  Now, Mike has all his chips on the table, now it’s our turn.  Mike gave up the code ‘OUR45‘ to use at www.MyPilllow.com for a special discount on your order.

Use code OUR45 to SAVE up to 66% OFF YOUR ORDER at www.MyPillow.com !

The code OUR45 will SAVE you up to 66% … that’s 2/3 OFF your purchase.  Mike has put it all on the line for America, the least we can do is help him whether this storm.

You don’t need to buy a made in America, MyPillow product to be part of this modern day revolution back to Americana.  All you need to do it speak your truth.

Apparently Mike is sitting on one hell of a case, because the man who is perhaps the most famous attorney in the country has Mike’s back.

The Gateway Pundit Reported:

‘Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz joined Greg Kelly on Newsmax TV on Tuesday night.

Dershowitz was on to discuss the recent move by Democrats to ban conservative TV channels Newsmax, OAN and FOX News.

Dershowitz also weighed in on Dominion Voting Systems and their lawsuit against Mike Lindell.

Alan Dershowitz:  Whether Lindell was right or wrong he had the right to express his views and this is part of the public debate.  And I don’t think unless they can demonstrate that with malice he deliberately, willfully, knowingly defamed them.  I don’t think they’re going to get any pillows out of this.’

Via Greg Kelly Tonight:

I have not seen the details of the case, but I do not know Mike Lindell to be the kind of man who says things about people or companies without merit.  As always, the truth will come out in court.
As always, justice be done, may the heavens fall …

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