For Black History Month, Can We All Agree That Black Americans Deserve The Truth?

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February is Black History Month, so what better time is there during the year than now to consider the point of view of Christopher Arps? His ideas on education are not going to be popular on the left, but submitting to the left is not honoring Black Americans’ notable contributions to this experience we are trying out called: America the Republic.

In his article, Americans Deserve True Black History, Not Lies From The 1619 Project, for The Federalist Arps writes about creating the Marxist left called the 1619 project.

“Concerted efforts to commemorate black history going back almost a century. In 1926, black historian Carter G. Woodson designated the second week in February as “Negro History Week.” He selected the days between Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays on the 12th and Frederick Douglass on the 20th.”

So in the last week of the month, I think it is wise to concentrate on the thoughts and ideas of great intellectual Black Americas.  Let’s start with Apes, who wrote, “the pedagogy of ethnic pride comes with responsibility currently being abdicated for radicalism. That’s why it’s a shame when contemporary Black History Month curricula simply revise history for political gain. A prime example is the “1619 Project” peddled by The New York Times.”

According to his biography, Arps is a national advisory board member for the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Project 21. He’s also a managing partner with the public affairs and communications consulting firm Red Tail Strategies, LLC. He’s the co-founder of and is also a host, guest host, and contributor on his local conservative radio station (KFTK 97.1) in St. Louis, Mo.

His articles go on:

At last year’s Times shareholder meeting, I questioned Chairman Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger, Jr. about it, asking:

The New York Times has invested significant resources in its 1619 Project, built upon the premise that everything in American history is irrevocably built on and tainted by slavery. Many well-respected historians from a wide array of backgrounds have stepped forward to challenge the premises and factual assertions of the Project, particularly the claim that U.S. independence was motivated by a desire to break from an abolitionist Britain. The Times has finally admitted its error. Will it now go back to correct the record with the vigor with which it distorted it, and ensure that schools using 1619 Project materials are not teaching falsehoods?

Please visit the Federalist for Sulzberger’s response.

Arps goes on to say that the Chairman, who is not Black by the way, responded that it didn’t matter if the 1619 project was accurate or not, as long as people were talking “race.”

Isn’t that offensive? Is that how the progressive transformation of America works? Just throw some nonsense out there and make people talk about it?



The Ford Foundation is a militant Anti-American Marxist group.  So in the 1619 project is stealing America away from Americans by the institutionalization of negative propaganda. Think about how that fits in with Black History Month.

Arps response to the New York Times director reflects mine.

“Is it healthy and uplifting to tell black students they are perpetual victims living in a racist country founded on preserving the intuition of slavery? Will this encourage them to strive for excellence and achievement to uplift fellow blacks?” Arps wrote.

“As they do with almost everything they touch, leftists turned something that’s potentially useful into just another vehicle for left-wing propaganda and proselytizing,” he said in closing.






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