Has the GOP Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Trump Yet? CPAC Just Got Interesting!

Posted by on February 24, 2021 3:03 am

Some say it is better to be for something than against something, but getting 100 Million people to agree upon one concept is sometimes difficult unless there is a great deal of common passion. We know that there is a lot of agitation and movement in American behind anti-Globalist control of our institutions.  Most Americans would agree that they do not want foreigners in charge of our schools, hospitals, entertainment, banking, and government.

Most would agree, but not all.

Sunday, President Donald J. Trump will be speaking at the largest Conservative Action meeting (CPAC) for the Republican party.  According to Sean Hannity, Trump’s overarching theme for his speech will be: “I may not have Twitter or the Oval Office, but I’m still in charge.”  What he is in charge of, which is undeniable, is the anti-Globalist movement.

Reportedly, the source of the comment says that “payback is his chief obsession.” According to Axios, payback entails going after the 10 House Republicans and seven GOP Senators who sided with Democrats to impeach him after the January 6th Capitol riots. Trump was narrowly acquitted, with 57 senators voting to convict him and 43 votings against conviction. A two-thirds majority required for conviction was not met.”

So we know that Trump has plans for something in 2022. But will he run himself for something then?

He leads the people who are sick of the foreign control over America; his supporters give no credibility to anyone who opposes him or who he endorses at this point.  Trump definitely has an advantage over other candidates.

We know that pro-Globalist control is alive and well in both the Republican and the Democrat parties.  Up to now, we haven’t been able to shake off the politicians who present as Republicans but then slide their foreign buddies through the back door and into the US Congress to party down with our elected representatives, our civil servants.

With our politicians seeing Iran, China, and other countries as banks, we have little power left to make our play, control our own pocketbooks, and set our own course.

And until we get rid of the squishy centrists in the GOP, we have no hope at all.

Re-enter Donald J. Trump.

Trump both reenergizes the GOP and scares the heck of many of them because he actually serves the people, so he is a “Populist,” which is just not as lucrative as selling your public office to the Chinese Communist Party, let’s be honest.

US House Representative Matt Gaetz commented recently about his observations  from within DC and said:

“I don’t see a Republican Party that is entirely united. … There is the ‘America first,’ pro-Trump wing of the party, and there is the establishment wing of the party. The establishment wants their power back,” he said. The GOP must undergo a “reformation in this church of a Republican Party” by acknowledging that Cheney’s wing of the party supports endless wars, unfettered immigration, and unfair trade deals.”

Gaetz is talking about whether the GOP will bypass the squish and embrace Trump.

Trumps’s speech on Sunday is anticipated to reveal Trump’s plans.  It won’t be a surprise to anyone if attendees return from the gathering with Trump 2024. Most people have accepted that Trump is not over yet; the only question is who his running mate would be.

Trump still holds a few cards up his sleeve.


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