Reopening Schools Is ‘White Supremacy’ & … Slavery According To California School Board Mbr

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Let’s get the 1000 lb gorilla in the room, out of the way.  My man is …. staff writer …. and I am a white male.  Wait, it gets ‘worse’ I am a White Male … with 50% Jewish blood!

Now, it would be find to slam me based on my race and DNA stats, according to the current ruling regime.  However, we all know that judging anyone based on their race or any other characteristic other than their deeds, is WRONG.

Unless you are a POC in charge of teaching our children , then you can get away with being as racist as you want.  Don’t believe me?  Check this out …

Fox News is reporting:

‘A California school board member is facing criticism after comparing reopening schools amid uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus vaccination rollout to “White supremacist ideology” and “slavery” in a meeting earlier this week. 

The comments from La Mesa-Spring Valley Schools Board Vice President Chardá Bell-Fontenot – which were confirmed to Fox News by Superintendent David Feliciano – come as the San Diego-area district’s board voted in favor Tuesday of bringing students back to classrooms for hybrid learning starting April 19. 

“I don’t think our plan should revolve around a vaccination, solely,” a person is heard saying in a YouTube audio version of that board meeting posted online by the district. “I think there are a lot of other factors that are really important for children’s health and well-being that we need to take into account here and to only put all of our eggs in one basket is doing a great disservice to our children.” ‘

“Without any teachers we don’t have the ability to teach the students so that is where we have to start. We can’t just say the kids can go back into the classrooms and there is no vaccinated teachers there willing to do that,” Bell-Fontenot then responds. She earlier argued that the vaccine rollout locally is inefficient and therefore poses a problem for setting a timeline for reopening as teachers may not know when they will get their shots before being asked to report back to buildings.

“That’s the problem I’m having… so how are we forcing people? That seems like a very White supremacist ideology to force people to comply with and conform without thinking about all of their intersecting factors and barriers that exist for all families,” she continues. “We are thinking about one type of family when you are speaking right now. Just letting you know – privilege, check it you guys.” 

“OK, let’s stay focused,” one person is then heard saying. 

“That’s where I’m at,” Bell-Fontenot says shortly thereafter. “So I don’t want to be a part of forcing anybody to do anything they don’t want to do. That’s what slavery is. I’m not going to be a part of it.” 

See, having to do your job to get paid, that’s white privilege.  It sounds like she wants everyone mandatorily vaccinated … is that ok … or is that something I need to ‘check’ my privilege on?

This whole ‘White Supremacy’ thing has gotten so far out of control and the most ironic part is that the people who are arguing that all these good ideas are some how ‘White Supremacy’ are accidentally implying that all good ideas are from the white community …. a racist and untrue insinuation.

How about we start going back to focusing solely on race and stop letting all this identity politics BS divide us … I mean, hell, enough is enough already, it’s time we return to normal and get this economy in gear and kids learning before our entire civilization implodes.

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