CPAC Sells Out, Tells Famous Trump Supports Not To Return Or They Will Be Arrested For … What?!

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The fact that CPAC is in my home state this year and I didn’t even know that it was this week speaks volumes … to me at least.

As predicted, the GOP establishment is doing everything it can to regain control of the party from the grassroots.

Fleccas is one of the nicest, most down to Earth people in the liberty movement, the idea that he would be ejected from the event tells us just about everything we need to know about which side of this struggle for control of the Republican Party CPAC is on …

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Video footage from the Conservative Political Action Conference shows popular YouTube interviewer Austen “Fleccas Talks” Fletcher being kicked out of the event center for not wearing a mask, as security officials warn him that he is “no longer wanted” and he will be “arrested for trespassing” if he enters the building again. Several other attendees have also received similar treatment.

“I was politely removed from #CPAC for not wearing a mask,” Fletcher announced on Twitter. “They forced one on me for 30 seconds but then I ran into some fans and couldn’t look them in the eye while wearing it. That’s it. That’s just me. I’m out.”

In video footage of the incident, at least five men can be seen surrounding Fletcher, including an armed man in uniform who appears to be a police officer. Fletcher is told that the is “no longer wanted” at CPAC, and that if he reenters the hotel he will be “arrested for trespassing.”

Conservative commentator Rogan )’Handley was also ejected and threatened with arrest by hotel security.

I was just ejected from @CPAC and threatened with immediate arrest if I return for pulling my mask down to take pictures with dozens of followers,’ O’Handley wrote. “@Hyatt security had multiple police detain me Selfies with fans not allowed at CPAC!”

William Turton tweeted:

Conservative influencer  @DC_Draino is being kicked out of #CPAC for violating the mask rule. He says he took of the mask just to take pictures.’

Conservative livestreamer Jaden McNeil was also ejected from CPAC, though it remains unclear if mask ordinances were the reason behind his removal. Read more at National File

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