Breaking: de Blasio Testifies Against Cuomo, Says He’s A Witness To His Crimes

Posted by on March 1, 2021 8:03 pm
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The Cuomo Crime Family is finally starting to be torn down.  While it took Rudy Giuliani and the RICO statutes to take down the infamous 5 families in New York back a few decades ago, the Democrats are now caught up in friendly fire with one another.

de Blasio, one of the least trustworthy people in the solar system has decided to fully commit and throw Cuomo, governor Cuomo that is, not his title bro on CNN, right under the preverbal bus.

Fox News reported:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio did not mince words when talking about the sexual harassment allegations surrounding embattled Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

During a Monday interview with New York City radio station Hot 97, de Blasio was asked about the recent allegations surrounding his state’s governor. The New York City mayor said the allegations “sickened” him.

He also called for a “full investigation” into the allegations against Cuomo, saying the governor’s behavior was “disgusting” and “creepy” if true.

“It sickened me, it sickened me,” said de Blasio. “The thought of a powerful man trying to take advantage of his power, intimidate a young woman and just the sense that he was treating her like — again these are allegations and we need a full investigation — but if that was what truly happened it was like he was treating her like she was his property. Just disgusting, creepy.”

Look, there is nothing ‘funny’ about this disgusting situation, but I do find it interesting that no one said crap about these victims until they thought that it would benefit them personally.

The left does not care about the people who were harmed here, all they care about is salvaging the optics of their situation.  In fairness, I have a feeling that most of the Republicans in office would be doing the same thing.  Regardless, the political class thinks they rule over us, and no longer serve us … that tells me that it’s time to clean house and vote in some new blood.

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