WTH? RSBN Cuts Mike Lindell’s Mic After He Warns About …

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The most obvious and troubling proof of my contention that a hand full of Silicon Valley billionaires are the most powerful people in the country is that when I go to post something on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc … I am not worried about the government killing my ability to make money because of my speech, I worry about the technocratic speech cartel that is FB, TW and YT.

Mike Lindell has experienced more censorship and plight in the last few weeks, perhaps than anyone else on God’s green Earth.

Lindell, a close friend of President Trump and a real example of the American Dream, was a vocal critic of the election and made the film ‘Absolute Proof’ to show America the results of his research into what happened with the voting and counting off the votes in the 2020 election.

Because of this film, Cancel Culture came for Mike and his MyPillow.  It was not the government who tried to destroy Mike’s life, it was radically leftist mega corporations.  At least 17 major retailers pulled his product from their shelves.  Next time you see one of these places, maybe keep driving and spend your money with someone who shares your values.

Those 17 companies (that I’m aware of, as there may be more by now) are:

Dollar General


Mattress Firm




Bed Bath & Beyond

The Shopping Channel




Kinney Drugs

Colony Brands





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So, as a result of Mike making a movie that he 100% believes exposes irregularities in the 2020 voting processes, corporations are trying to crush Mike and MyPillow financially.

Mike decided, forget the retailers, MyPillow will sell directly to customers on their website www.MyPillow.com.  This allowed Lindell to cut out the middleman who would mark his products up 100% or so.  Instead of the retailer getting that margin, Mike is passing it along to patriots who use the code ‘OUR45’ at www.MyPillow.com & this lets patriots SAVE up to 66% OFF their purchase, all while working to end Cancel Culture.

From what I understand, and I may be wrong, but I have head that Mike Lindell is a large supporter of Right Side Broadcasting.  RSBN is a trailblazing company that provides a live feed of many events to smaller, independent and conservative publishers and posts the feed on many platforms.

Because of their reliance on Youtube for distribution, RSBN needs to self censor, and self censor BIGLY.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s microphone was MUTED on Sunday after he began warning Americans about taking the COVID-19 vaccine during an interview at CPAC.’

100 Percent Fed Up reports – Mike Lindell spoke with Liz Willis, a host on the conservative YouTube channel Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN). He began speaking on his concerns around the China Coronavirus vaccine, only to have his mic cut seconds later…

Mike Lindell:

“In Israel right now, the prime minister on down, we don’t know what happened, but obviously, he congratulated Biden, but after that, we got a little suspect,” Lindell stated. “Right now with the vaccine over there, they are making the whole country take it so you can’t go in shopping malls, you wouldn’t be able to get a job, and if this happens, it the start for the world, the worst thing that could happen to this world.”

“I’m telling you with the vaccine… if you get a vaccine, which is only 95% effective, they say, then they want you to do another one in six months, six months. Well, I’m telling you when you get that, what do you care what someone else does, if that person wants to come to a mall and they don’t want to get a vaccine. This is our bodies, this is ‘mark of the beast’ stuff,” the MyPillow CEO continued.

As Lindell proceeded to go off on “double masking,” RSBN muted him on their live stream.’


One Mike stopped speaking the words forbidden by our biotech overlords, the mics were turned back on and host Liz Willis did he best to deescalate the situation.

“I hate to do it. You know I love you, but due to YouTube’s guidelines, we will get our whole platform shut down, if you talk about vaccines,” Willis stated.

“Well, this is over in Israel,” Lindell then rebutted.

“I know. We love you, we love you,” Willis replied.

A week ago Lindell was sued by Dominion, the voting machine company, for $1.3 BILLION.  Lindell seemed excited to get a chance to reveal his evidence in a court of law.

The fact that so many people are forced to self censor when asking legitimate questions on so called ‘social media’ which hold it self out there to be ‘the new public square’ tells you how dire the times we live in really are.

Remember, if you want to keep Mike’s MyPillow and the hundreds of America jobs he creates up in Minnesota operational, head over to www.MyPillow.com, use code OUR45 and SAVE up to 66% OFF … and help save the American Dream!

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