As Christian and Jewish Supporters of Trump Turn Toward God, Democrats Kick God Out of Government

Posted by on March 2, 2021 3:03 am

Emerging in politics is an increased focus on the Judeo-Christian foundation of Western Civilization since President Donald J. Trump illustrated what pro-American policies could do to ignite the American people into unity and action, causing Democrats to push back on God and faith.

“What any religious tradition describes as God’s will is no concern of this Congress,” said New York Democrat Jerry Nadler, who identifies as Jewish when it benefits him.

Typically Jews like Nalder have identified as far-left radical Democrats, but that trend has been rapidly changing since Trump’s support of Israel.

Ever since Trump’s rise to power leading a massive Populist movement,  the Democrats have gone into overdrive to discredit America First supporters, including Jews, by stabbing at the heart of their agenda to restore God in public policy.

Therefore, in opposition to a unified population, it is no surprise to see that far-left radical Democrat Jerry Nadler reject God on the floor of the US Congress as he did.

David Harris Jr. posted the footage of Nalder’s comments:

When  Rep. Greg Steube quotes scripture on Senate Floor in opposition to Equality Act, Democrats object, then Nadler says, “God’s will, is no concern of this Congress.”


A major issue for Jewish and Christian supporters of Trump is freedom of speech.

Nadler has some opposition from Rep. Jim Jordan, according to Fox News who reported recently:

“The top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan on Monday is calling on Chairman Jerrold Nadler to hold a hearing to “address the scourge of cancel culture” in the United States, amid what he called a “dangerous trend” of “silencing and censoring certain political speech.”

In a letter to Nadler, D-N.Y., obtained by Fox News, Jordan, R-Ohio, said, “The wave of cancel culture spreading the nation is a serious threat to fundamental free speech rights in the United States.”

“From newsrooms to college campuses to social media giants, we have seen a dangerous trend toward silencing and censoring certain political speech,” Jordan wrote. “As the committee entrusted with upholding the Constitution and our fundamental liberties, our first full committee hearing for the 117th Congress must examine this cancel culture sweeping America.”

Jordan said the First Amendment, which “guarantees to all Americans the right to speak freely,” has “allowed our country to develop and maintain a political discourse fueled by the free exchange of ideas.”

“This freedom has empowered risk-takers and innovators. It has shaped bold new ideas and given us a prosperous democracy,” Jordan wrote. “Quite simply, it has made the United States the envy of the world.”


Even left-leaning media outlet, Times of Isreal, sang Trump’s praises:

“American Jews who prioritize unbridled support for the Israeli government’s concerns when they fill in their ballot, Trump has built up a near-spotless record.

The president has trumpeted that record in speeches to Jewish audiences, and his Jewish advocates have also made it the centerpiece of their case for Trump’s reelection. In June, the Republican Jewish Coalition released a nearly 8-minute video called “Sunrise” praising Trump’s record on Israel and contrasting it with US-Israel relations under President Barack Obama, who had a famously acrimonious relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu and Trump are very close, and a recent poll showed that Israelis favor Trump’s reelection by a large margin as well.”


Both Jews and Christians are unified in their beliefs about the sanctity of life.

So, when Christians and Jews are united on numerous policies and general on the importance of having God and Faith in public policy, the US Democrats are throwing temper tantrums and throwing God out.

People need to remember that at election time.


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