Congressional Candidate from MI, Tom Norton, Breaks Up Domestic Street Fight While At CPAC

Posted by on March 2, 2021 6:03 pm

Two US Military Veterans were on the scene of a potentially violent street fight and were able to defuse the situation while waiting for the police. Both men are candidates for the US House of Representatives.  One from Michigan, one from Ohio.  Both ‘American First’ candidates and supporters of President Donald J. Trump.

Tom Norton, an Afghanistan War Veteran, running for US House seat for Michigan, was recorded on Saturday in Florida while attending CPAC, talking to a couple who had a drawn-out escalated physical confrontation in the street outside of some busy bars in the Orlando area, neat the Hyatt hotel.

“The guy was beating this woman while walking up and down the street, and she was yelling and hitting back, and it was horrible, so we got involved.  I tried to talk both of them down while someone called the police.  When the police talked to them, they both said that neither of them had been violent to each other, but to be honest, we were concerned about them both going home and still being angry with each other,” Norton said.

Last night Norton and I were able to quickly react to a couple fighting in the streets of Orlando. We de-escalated the situation before the police arrived. Both parties were able to be released on scene without any further incident. Military training at its best,” Santos said.

Robert Santos, a Marine veteran, is running for US House of Rep. in Ohio.

In the video, Norton is seen, with his back to the camera, talking to the man and the woman who had been involved with the altercation.  There are two police officers on the scene, and Santos is seen standing a little bit removed from the group after being involved with the conversation.  The couple leaves the scene, Santos and Norton speak with the police officers for a moment.  Heard on the video are the sound from a crowded bar and a woman’s voice who is recording the event saying that she had seen the fighting between the man and woman going on up and down the street.


The discussion between the three of us, Norton, Santos, and myself,  was that the laws for domestic abuse may not be working well for the people because they are so strict many people won’t admit they need help out of fear that the consequences will be far too strict and actually make the situation worse.

“Something needs to be done in these kinds of situations like in the military where people who are fighting can be separated for a little while they cool down, without having to fear that they are destroying each other’s lives.  I think that sometimes women don’t say what happened to them and it prevents some people from getting the help they need,” Santos said.

Real-life experiences for two men who want to be lawmakers.

Norton is running for the US House of Representatives for Michigan, but first, he has to get past a GOP primary challenge against US Rep. Peter Meijer, whose first Republican act of office was voting to impeach President Donald J. Trump.  Norton, a friend of Meijer’s, says that is unacceptable and is now running against his pal.

“It is my Military training. It is our military training.   I just felt like something needed to be done, and so I went.  We are trained to go toward the chaos and trained on what to do to help people. So with all of those people there at the time, we had the special training and confidence to help take care of the situation until the police could get there and do their jobs. In a way, it isn’t much different than how I want to serve in Congress.  Peter Meijer voted to impeach Trump, and he is my friend, but he was wrong, and that is not what America needs,” Norton told me.

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