Obama’s CIA Dir. John Brennan Admits He’s A Cuck On National TV [Video]

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During an appearance on cable network MSNBC this week, former CIA director and far-left agitator John Brennan announced that he is “increasingly embarrassed to be a white male these days,” prompting a peal of hysterical laughter from show host Nicole Wallace.

In response to a monologue from Wallace listing her myriad grievances against Republican elected officials, Brennan assumed a solemn expression and pontificated, “Well, I must say, it’s a class point, I’m increasingly embarrassed to be a white male these days, of what I see my other white males saying.”

MSNBC’S Wallace made headlines earlier this year when she fantasized about Mitch McConnell supporting the “killing” of election integrity and Covid lockdown protesters with a “drone strike” because he supported assassinations of Islamic militants:

“That is a bulletin released to all law enforcement earlier this week, that there is, until the end of April, a persistent threat of domestic extremism, uh, domestic terrorism, carried out and the ideology and around this belief that the election, um, was fraudulent, that the Covid restrictions are unnecessary, all of those ideologies pushed by Donald Trump, ” Wallace said.

Wallace continued, “But my question for you is around incitement. Um, we had a policy, and it was very controversial, it was carried out under the Bush years and under the Obama years, of attacking terrorism at its root. Of going after and killing, and in the case of Anwar al-Awlaki an American, a Yemeni-American, with a drone strike for the crime of inciting violence, inciting terrorism.”

“Mitch McConnell was in the Senate then, he was in the Senate after 9-11 too, how does Mitch McConnell, who understands that the way you root out terrorism is to take on – in the case of Islamic terrorism, kill – those who incite it, how does he does not vote to convict someone that he said, on the floor of the Senate, incited an insurrection,” Wallace concluded.

Former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has called Brennan a “domestic enemy” of the United States for his hypocrisy of complaining about election protests while supporting the invasion and mass bombing of the Middle East.

What a beta …

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