The Left Wants You Believe The Marxists Have Won, But Marxists Never Stop, So They Never Win

Posted by on March 2, 2021 3:03 am

Fear is the perfect way to control people.  It is easier and faster than Marxism, Leninism, Communism, Feminism. Just scare people that they are going to die, and they will kill themselves to be safe. That is what we seem to be experiencing around the world.  The most famous Community Organizer should be the person who came up with the idea of how to convince people to hand over their lives to the COVID essential worker team.

“Some scientists and politicians are preparing to accept a ‘new normal’ in which the coronavirus is simply managed long-term, like seasonal flu,” reported In Defense of Marxism.

The left loves their Marxist theology, but they never considered what they end up with Marxism. All Marxism really is, is a way to play domination and control games with people who will let them play.

Of course, we are never going to stop living in fear of COVID, the Marxists say. How better to get people to get out of the public, grow dependent on government handouts which can easily be used to control populations, and stop getting in the way of the power-seekers than scare them away from living?

Consider the mindset of the Marxist:

“About a year has passed since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic. Over two million people have died directly from the virus itself thus far. Many more have died from ancillary causes,” the pro-Marxist media outlet reported.

OK, 2 million people, out of 7 Billion people, have died with COVID.  That is one-third of a tenth of a percent. .03 percent of people have died with COVID- and 10% of those people have died from COVID.

We are looking at almost zero. But this is no time to give up the fear porn.

We have changed the world to live in fear, give up our rights, surrendered our children’s opportunities, and shut ourselves away from humanity over it- that is a Marxist’s dream come true. They are enjoying the control and dominance they have.

And check this out, if we didn’t have COVID, we wouldn’t have COVID inequality campaigns.

From the Marxists:

“Vaccine inequality

The more serious representatives of the bourgeoisie understand that there will be no return to any semblance of ‘normality’ until COVID-19 is brought to heel globally.

As columnist Martin Wolf writes in the Financial Times: “Since the virus knows no frontiers, it cannot be under control anywhere unless it is under control everywhere. The alternative is for us to remain inside national prisons indefinitely.”

Take that words in: indefinitely.

According to the dictionary that means, “for an unlimited or unspecified period of time.”

More fear porn. It sort of feels like the Marxists won.

But here is the good news, the Marxists never actually “win” because they never stop wanting more. They always want more of what they believe others have. Since the world isn’t actually “fair,” there is never an end to the Marxist wanting to make everything “fair”.


“Capitalism today is a global system, requiring the international movement of goods, people, and services. The National Bureau of Economic Research claims that up to 49 percent of the pandemic’s global economic costs in 2021 will be borne by advanced economies, even if they achieve broad immunisation at home. This is because of disruption to networks of production and trade between nations while the pandemic continues.

You cannot have capitalism in one country. For this reason, Wolf argues world leaders must do “whatever it takes to finance accelerated production and distribution of vaccines — and, if necessary, reformulated vaccines — globally.”


But what if the concerns of the Globe didn’t dominate free Market Capitalism? What if one nation decided to lift the fear and get back to living and ignored the Marxist tricks?

That is what Economic Nationalism is about.  And to propel that action, we need a Populist Movement to demand it.

Just remember that the Marxists haven’t won. They will never win, and all it takes to beat them is to go back to work and earn our own living.

That is the remedy for all of the fear.  Just get up and go to work and start living again.




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