Biden Nom & Hillary’s Gal Pal Forced To Withdraw In Shame After Skeltons Tumble Out Of Her Closet

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Joe Biden did all he could to get Hillary’s close friend Neera Tanden confirmed by the Senate as the head of the OMB. (Office of Budget and Management) But now that quest is over as Tanden has withdrawn her nomination. My guess is that Biden will appoint her to a job that the Senate does not need to confirm.

Tanden was one of the major boosters of the Russia Collusion hoax. She is also the author of many hateful comments about Republicans.

She must not have made a good impression on RINO Lisa Murkowski, her last hope for confirmation with whom she met in an effort to get the 50th vote she needed.

Ironically, some of her nasty comments about Republicans are the same people she now needed on her side. The good news is any position she will get will be in an advisory capacity and not an authoritarian one.

This is a major blow to Biden who spent a lot of p0olitical capital in trying to save her nomination even as she had no pathway to victory.

Tanden was a controversial pick from the beginning but Biden who still believes he got 81 million votes thought he could wield enough power to get her confirmed. Biden is not in a good position with many of his proposed initiatives.

His $1.9 trillion alleged COVID 19 stimulus package is doomed to failure or at least a revision over the proposed minimum wage of $15 that AOC now insists should be $24.

The Congressional Budget Office has predicted a loss of 1.3 million jobs if passed. That does not even take massive inflation into account.

From The Gateway Pundit

Joe Biden’s pick for OMB Director Neera Tanden withdrew her nomination on Tuesday.

This is a blow to Joe Biden because he continued to back Tanden as Senators circled the wagons and announced they would vote against her.

Joe Biden nominated a toxic, liberal conspiracy theorist to direct the White House Office of Management and Budget.

Neera Tanden was one of the most vocal Russiagate conspiracy theorists. She not only attacked Republicans while she was working for Hillary Clinton, but also went for the throats of Sen. Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

Last month, Senators from both sides of the aisle slammed Neera Tanden during her confirmation hearing over her past attacks against lawmakers.

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