Biden Blocks $1,400 Stimulus Checks for 16 Million Americans (4.6 Million Kids)

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Every time an administration leaves the White House the internet is awash in memes like this one:

Its a shame that so many good people are so trusting in the media that they believed all the lies about President Trump.  Yes, the man was not perfect, none of us are, but at least he was not owned by the CCP, Silicon Valley and Ukrainian oil and gas oligarchs.

Beyond all that, Trump, in almost all cases, did what he said he was going to do.  Right before he left office Trump was stumping for $2,000 payments for all Americans.  The left attacked him and said they would get it done … well, did you get that check yet?

Yeah, me neither. It seems like Biden has plenty of money to lob missiles into a nation 6,000 miles away and plenty of money for foreign pipelines to be build, but when it comes to our tax dollars going to help the people who the government has run out of business with lockdowns and other draconian BS … the well is dry.

Well, it looks like you have Biden himself to thank for that …

Fox News is reporting:

‘About 11.8M adults and 4.6M children will no longer qualify for stimulus payments’

‘More than 16 million Americans will no longer qualify for a third stimulus check under stricter eligibility parameters endorsed this week by President Biden.

That’s according to a preliminary analysis published by the left-leaning Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, which found that a plan by moderate Democrats to curtail benefits for higher-income earners will cut off cash payments for roughly 11.8 million adults and 4.6 million children.

Under the latest proposal, Americans earning $75,000 or less would still receive the fully promised $1,400 payment. But the checks would phase out faster for individuals at higher income levels than in the version passed Saturday by House Democrats, with individuals making $80,000 a year or more and couples making $160,000 a year, or higher, no longer qualifying for the money.

The House version of the bill would also send the $1,400 payments to individuals earning $75,000 or below each year, but the money would phase out slower, with the eligibility cut-off at $100,000 for individuals and $200,000 per year for couples.

That means individuals earning between $80,000 and $100,000, and couples earning between $160,000 and $200,000, are newly excluded from a partial check under the newest plan, which has been backed by the Biden administration.

Although the House bill would benefit more adults — about 91%, compared to the Senate’s 86% — both versions would benefit 100% of adults and children who are among the bottom 60% of income-earners in the U.S., according to the analysis.

Stimulus check eligibility emerged as a major point of contention between different ideological factions of the Democratic Party. The party can’t afford to lose the support of even a single Senate Democrat, as it needs all 50 members to pass the measure via simple majority with a procedural tool known as budget reconciliation.’

Look, I am not a fan of government transfer payments.  However, if the federal government is going to spend $6,000,000,000,000.00 dollars this year, how about we use some of it for something other than special interests?

The government and their lockdown orders caused this economic crisis and the more I learn, the more convinced I am that this whole thing was, at the very least, orchestrated to do the most damage to the average American, while making the super rich … even richer and more powerful.

The left was so excited to reinstall the establishment in the swamp , so far what has it gotten them … other than anyone day older and deeper in debt?

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