Bombshell NY Times Report Says Cuomo & Aides Began Concealing Nursing Home Death Numbers Months Before Federal Investigation

Posted by on March 5, 2021 9:03 pm

A bombshell report published by the New York Times Thursday maintains that top aides to Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo rewrote a report that was written by New York Department of Health Officials in June 2020 to alter and remove many of the nursing home deaths that had occurred in the state due to his order forcing nursing homes in the state to take in COVID-positive patients, harming the most vulnerable among us, our seniors.

The Times interviewed anonymous officials in the Cuomo administration who claim the numbers were changed from a desire to protect the governor from political fallout because of his disastrous decision to force nursing homes to take in patients who tested positive for COVID-19.  And here’s the kicker.  Those changes were made months before a federal investigation into the nursing home deaths started.  This is significant news because Melissa DeRosa, a top aide to Cuomo, told a group of New York Democrats on a conference call that they hid the nursing home death numbers because they feared reprisals from the federal government when then-President Donald Trump started questioning how the state was handling the COVID pandemic on Twitter.  She essentially admitted to obstruction.  Like every other phase of the Cuomo administration’s screw-ups during the pandemic, they tried once again to blame Trump for their failures.  Cuomo even tried to blame nursing home staffers for bringing COVID into the nursing homes claiming it was them and not the COVID-positive patients he forced into the nursing homes.

The muckety-muck in the report was focused on whether or not to include “out of facility” deaths, which occurred when nursing home residents were sent back to acute care facilities before they died, in the count of nursing home residents who died due to COVID-19.  In other words, if they didn’t die literally in the nursing home then don’t count them as a death even though they caught COVID from COVID-positive patients forced into the nursing home by Cuomo.  Department of Health (DOH) officials wanted to include the deaths in the report because that’s what other states were doing.  What a bunch of scumbags that litter the Cuomo administration.

Not one of the governor’s aides had any public health expertise yet they pushed back on the DOH in what the Times describes as going “well beyond the usual process of the governor’s office suggesting edits to an agency report,” and caused DOH officials to begin to worry about the report morphing into something that was “no longer a true scientific report.”  “TRUST THE SCIENCE!” they say.  Furthermore, because it was the Cuomo administration, the health officials said they “feared for their jobs if they did not go along.”

The Cuomo administration: putting politics before the science since 2010.

And if this doesn’t ignite your Bunsen burner I don’t know what will.  According to the Times, the decision to hide the data was implemented by DeRosa and Linda Lacewell, and only days later Cuomo asked a state ethics agency for approval to earn money from an advanced payment of $783,000 for a book deal offered by Harper Collins on how well he handled the COVID-19 pandemic which came because Cuomo continuously tooted his own horn about how spectacularly he was handling the pandemic.

Cuomo’s special counsel Beth Garvey commented to the Times saying, “the out-of-facility data was omitted after D.O.H. could not confirm it had been adequately verified,” and claimed that the additional deaths included wouldn’t have changed the conclusions of the report.  That completely ignores the malice of the Cuomo administration trying to cover up the true number of deaths from nursing homes just to make Andrew Cuomo look good.

This report doesn’t help the governor being in heap big doo doo over the nursing home deaths scandal, which is under investigation by both the New York Attorney General’s office and federal Department of Justice prosecutors, on top of all the sexual harassment allegations being made against him by women who formerly worked as aides to Cuomo.

New York Democrats are now calling for Cuomo’s resignation, showing signs that the governor’s usefulness to the party is waning.

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