Iranian Terrorists Threaten To Attack Washington, DC If Biden Does Not …

Posted by on March 5, 2021 6:03 pm
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What was it that Rahm Emanuel let slip out during an interview during the Obama years?

Oh, yeah, the motto of the Deep State/Establishment: ‘You never want a serious crisis go to waste.  What I mean by that is, an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.’

Yes, he really admitted this, on video:

This is how the Swamp looks at tragedies that befall their fellow Americans.  While we mourn, they plot and scheme ways to use mass casualty (and other events, even mere threats or political theater) events to gain more power.

‘Gain more power’ … that’s another way of saying ‘take more of your rights away.’

This week Democrats tried to hype of some BS report that Trump supporters were planning on storming the military installation that is the US Capitol.  They told us these evil Trump supporting terrorists were planning on attacking DC … yesterday.  It never happened.

Perhaps the Democrats are wising up and realizing that if they make 60% of the nation the enemy, there is no way to gain the type of support for war or the infringement on our rights that the Swamp was able to extract from the public after 9/11.  After the 9/11 attack GWB had a 91% approval rating.  The DS could never achieve that type of ‘unity’ while persecuting conservatives, the math just does not work.

While I’m sure there are enemy cells embedded in Washington DC … you know, like the Awan brothers were … the problem is that the IC, the Democrats, the RINOs and the media have lied to us so much that I don’t trust a word they say.

Now, as soon as the ginned up reports that Trump supporters were going to attack DC, we have a new report that Iranians are threatening to do so …

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Iranian militia groups claim to have active cells of operatives stationed in Washington, D.C., and other U.S. cities, according to chatter in online forums used by these groups.

Kawtheryoon Electronic Team, a Telegram network used by Iranian militia groups and supporters, claimed in a recent posting that Iranian “resistance cells are rooted even in America and its capital,” according to a copy of the English-language posting captured by the Middle East Media Research Institute, which tracks radical groups.

The group additionally claimed that terror factions associated with Iran are growing stronger and attracting more support than ever before. The group demanded the United States withdraw all of its troops from Iraq and the Middle East. The post included a picture of caskets containing U.S. soldiers.

The threat comes as the Biden administration seeks to directly engage Iran in pursuit of inking a revamped nuclear accord. Despite these diplomatic overtures, Iran has continued to sponsor terrorism.

While the State Department has called on Iran to cease its terror operations, Tehran shows no signs of backing down from its active operations in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and other Middle Eastern hotspots. It also has continued to support strikes on U.S. personnel stationed in Iraq, and was likely behind a Wednesday rocket attack on an Iraqi air base that houses American troops.’

This would be an awfully convienent excuse to further militarize the Capitol, along with any other place the Deep State wants to turn into a police state … and they would likely have the support from the public to do so.

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