MAGNUM OPUS OR TRUMP CURSE? Twitter Won’t Have Alec Baldwin To Kick Around Anymore

Posted by on March 6, 2021 6:03 am

It took a few days for me to notice the news reports that pampered and deranged Hollywood “Never Trumper” had deleted his Twitter account and left behind a 10 min long Opus about how he is just above it all and left due to other people being “a” holes.  Apparently, we are supposed to care about what an ancient B-lister thinks about Americans. I do, as long as I get to mock Baldwin for his anti-American behavior.

“Alec Baldwin deactivates Twitter posts 10-minute long explanation on Instagram; The star previously caught heat for addressing Gillian Anderson’s accent,” Fox News reported.

“Alec Baldwin has said goodbye to Twitter for good. The 62-year-old Oscar nominee took to Instagram on Wednesday night to share a nearly 10-minute long video in which he announced that he had deactivated his Twitter account. In the video, the “30 Rock” alum spoke to a camera while driving a car,” Fox News said.

While pouting because he is so misunderstood, Baldwin, who seems to rely upon “poop humor” level comedy as a career, was a vicious and deranged impersonator of President Donald J. Trump. So his drama-filled nonsense is noteworthy to political watchers, especially while watching him self-destruct.

So was his last a great work, or did Trump break him somehow?

Fox News described the Opus rant on Instagram:

“He [Baldwin]  explained that he’s a “huge fan” of the actress that he was speaking about and that his “comment was meant to just illustrate the point that I find, as I said, that the multi-cultural expressions of anyone for that matter — whatever country, language, music, food, clothing, art, any of it, whatever of those expressions are important to you — that’s your business.”

The actor further slammed the social media app, saying it’s “where all the ——- in the United States and beyond go.”

“You can’t say anything dark enough to describe a lot of the crowd on Twitter,” Baldwin continued.

He must have gotten trolled a lot over his stupid comments.


In his typical fashion of throwing diva tantrums, Baldwin blamed everyone else for his humiliation as he stomped out the door. Recall that Hollywood hired Baldwin after several insane altercations where he became vicious at his own daughter, so the choice to harass Trump was intentional.

He flipped out. President Donald J. Trump never did what Baldwin was harassing him, his family, and his supporters.

Apparently, Baldwin was mocking someone’s accent and how they flipped back and forth, which is kinda funny for a man whose wife had been lying about being “Spanish” to get work.

I covered that story here:


Baldwin is a tragic figure.  He believes that he rescued the country from Trump. Whether it is the fragile mind or the inflated ego, or that he only gets attention when he makes a video opus about leaving Twitter, his absence on the platform has been.. well… anti-climatic, and it is his greatest work.


Your best work was leaving, Baldwin.


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