You Won’t Believe What This ‘The View’ Host Just Said About You & Me

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I shouldn’t say that ‘you won’t believe what’ she said, because anyone who has suffered through an episode of ‘The View’, whose lone ‘conservative’ is John McCain’s daughter … yes, think about that for a moment … knows that you should not put anything past those women.

However, while their lies are usually pretty disgusting, it’s not that often that they expose how insanely cultish and eager to be controlled they are.

The left NEEDS to have people to tell them what to do, what to think, they need the approval from daddy.  They love to gang up on the minority, it’s their whole schtick.

One supremely ignorant and sheepish host of ‘The View’ … a ‘Sunny Hostin’ (never heard of him), revealed just how commie her thinking is …

Fox News reported:

‘”The View” co-host Sunny Hostin agreed Friday with President Biden’s remark that Republican governors who re-opened states and reversed mask mandates were engaging in “Neanderthal thinking” because they had elected to not “listen to the government.”

Hostin, a reliably liberal voice on the show, said Biden had “every right” to feel that way about Republican leaders of Texas and Mississippi, who announced plans this week to lift capacity restrictions and end mask mandates.

“All the pearl-clutching over language is really something to me, when you had four years of someone speaking in the lowest of terms and debasing people and degrading people,” she said. “I think that President Biden has every right to feel this way. He has suffered tremendous loss. Americans have suffered tremendous loss, over 500,000 lost souls.

“We are close to changing, but we only have about 15.6%, 16.3% of the total population that has been vaccinated, and we know that we need 70 to 80% of the population to be vaccinated for herd immunity. The ask from the Biden administration was to wear masks for the first 100 days of his administration.”

Hostin said she agreed it was “Neanderthal thinking” to remove the mask mandates now.

Not listen to the government and not listen to the science, most importantly,” she said. “I think I would’ve called it something worse than Neanderthal thinking, quite frankly.”‘

Uh, Democide, or death by government, accounted for well over 100,000,000 deaths in the 20th century.   Government is the most deadly thing man has ever created.

Anyone who tells you to trust the government is one of two things … either they are ignorant of history or they are evil.  Either way, it’s not good, not good at all.

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