Anti-Populist Measures Have Killed Businesses for Black and Hispanic Women, Biden Offers Government Handouts

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After disastrous 2020 Pandemic measures to embolden “Big Box” retailers and shut down small business (also known as ‘Free Enterprise”) have been in place for one full year, people are beginning to realize that the policies of Dr. Athony Fauci and his Democrat supporters in the ‘One World Government’ movement have driven minorities back to government handouts, after shutting down their small businesses.

“The pandemic has taken a toll on many women’s finances. For some Black and Hispanic women, in particular, the financial pressure is intensifying,” reported Virginia Dager for the Wall Street Journal.

“More than 2.3 million women have left the labor force since February of last year, according to the National Women’s Law Center. Last month, the U.S. unemployment rate was 6.2%. For Black women and Latinas, it was over 8% compared with 5.2% for white women, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

CNBC reported that was because of the persistent pandemic closures in Restaurants and Schools, an industry where many Black and Hispanic Women are Employed, they are jobless:

“Losses in local and state government and leisure and hospitality have disproportionate impacts on Black women’s employment. Black women are nearly one in four public sector workers,” Jones wrote in a blog post dated Feb. 9. “Half a million Black women have left the labor market since January 2020.”

Breaking the February jobs report down by industry, a surge in hiring at restaurants and bars helped lead the broader hospitality sector up 355,000 jobs last month. Those gains help offset the losses it’s accrued over the last 12 months. Leisure and hospitality as a whole is is down 3.5 million jobs, or 20%, versus February 2020.

Government payrolls lost 86,000 workers last month as layoffs continued in public education.”

Those are because of Democrat policies, but people will be told it is something else and that Democrats are rescuing people by offering government handouts.

“With President Biden’s relief package still yet to be passed, the additional $300 to weekly unemployment payments is set to expire on March 14,” Dager reported. ”

So the left took these women’s jobs and gave them some “walking around money” from their Daddy Government.

What seems to be happening is that the Pandemic measures to shut down small businesses, especially in the hospitality industry, seem to have erased much of President Donald J. Trump’s Pro-minority, “America First” policies that built an Economic Nationalist machine to enrich minorities and everyone else is willing to work for a living.

In Feb. 2021 Yahoo reported:

The annual Small Business Trends survey conducted by the Small Business Trends Alliance, recently released the reports findings on Black entrepreneurs including the fact that women make up 46% of Black entrepreneurs.

Small Business is also called ” Economic Nationalism. ”

A former Presidential strategist and CEO of Breitbart News, Steve Bannon, refers to Economic Nationalism as a great equalizer for Americans.  “Economic Nationalism doesn’t care about your skin color or your religion,” Bannon often says.


However, opponents of Trump’s America First policies sure do seem to hit the minority community the hardest with their restrictive business policies, their public policies of burdensome business regulations, and especially with their draconian “Pandemic” orders on small businesses.

In her article” Job Losses During Pandemic Strain Black, Hispanic Women’s Personal Finances, Dagar writes, “Some women of color make difficult decisions and change their lifestyles to stay afloat.”

But why should they be forced to change their independent lifestyles?

As usual, politicians in DC believe that by making welfare easier to get, they will emerge the heroes of the People and keep their government job while they provide employment opportunities and resources to Globalists.

For the Democrats and RINOS, who are the opponents of Populism, Economic Nationalism and American First policies,  it is impossible for them to accept those minority women may just prefer to work and build something of their own, then get government handouts.

Promoters of Economic Nationalism understand that Americans enjoy working and want to live on something more than “government cheese” or crumbs that fall from the table of the wealthy and successful.


The left thrives on stirring agitation over the wealth gap.  In fact, numerous grassroots marketing platforms- turned nonprofits, such as Black Lives Matter, are building wealth for themselves by rioting and protesting and pushing the left’s socialist agenda as a grievance industry.

But who do those groups support to get into power and decide who has the right to work for themselves?

The left screams about the “Wealth Gap,” then they destroy economic opportunity and offer government cheese and crumbs.

Consider Bryna Elliott, whose job is to “advance Black Pathways”:

From Black Enterprise:

“BLACK ENTERPRISE reported how financial giant JPMorgan Chase is doubling down on its commitment to bridge the racial wealth gap within the Black community. This includes their Advancing Black Pathways program aimed at helping to bring more economic resources for Black businesses and individuals. This week, the corporation announced that Byna Elliott would lead the initiative as the new head of the program.

Elliott will work alongside Brian Lamb, who currently serves as the global head of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), to help oversee and execute strategies towards their diversity goals.

“Advancing Black Pathways is a bold and strategic commitment at JPMorgan Chase focused on accelerating opportunities for Black people and mitigating the effects of historical inequality,” Lamb said in a press statement sent to BE.”

Financial giants who are pushing a Globalist agenda are responsible for minority women losing their dream of small business, and anyone who is swayed by fancy messaging, branding and PR, to believe otherwise is being proved wrong. The numbers are right there.

Minority women have been deeply impacted by the Pandemic measures against small businesses by the Democrats and RINOS in public office.

Elliott has a nice fancy job with perks, while Black and Hispanic Women who dared dream of being their own boss are back on welfare because of Biden and those who voted for him.

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