Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Refuses To Pay Her Taxes From Her Failed Business Venture

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Democratic New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is hoping to raise taxes for Americans, in fact she’s mentioned a 70% marginal tax rate.

And that’s not all she’s trying to impose on Americans, but the main issue is the fact that the freshman congresswoman hasn’t paid all of her own taxes yet.

Via the NY Post:

Brook Avenue Press, a company she founded in 2012 to publish children’s books in The Bronx, owes the state $1,870.36 in corporate taxes, public records show.

The state slapped the company with a warrant on July 6, 2017, two months after Ocasio-Cortez announced her candidacy to run against Democratic incumbent Joe Crowley for the district that encompasses parts of Queens and The Bronx.

The state requires businesses to pay a corporation tax on a sliding scale based on revenue. The minimum payment last year was $25.

“The company probably got numerous letters from the state and probably ignored them,” a new York City accountant hypothesized.

According to public records, the company was dissolved by the state in October of 2016.

This generally happens when a business is unable to pay all their corporate taxes or fail to file a return.

The state Tax Department will not comment on individual companies, however they generally file warrants as a last ditch effort after they have previously tried to collect tax money. reports,

“The NY Post inquired about the tax delinquency almost three weeks ago and a spokesperson for Ocasio-Cortez told them that the taxes would be taken care of immediately.

But they still haven’t been paid, according to the Post.

When they asked Ocasio-Cortez’s spokesperson Corbin Trent about it, he said that Ocasio-Cortez’s lawyers were looking into it.”

“I’m her congressional staffer, not her personal accountant,” Trent answered.

The publishing business attempted to “develop and identify stories and literature in urban areas like New York, specifically communities like The Bronx” and was able to snag a spot in an article about “getting cheap office space in subsidized government program to help small businesses,” Breitbart reports.

The Post reports that the business never published any books.

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