‘Neanderthal’ Maskless Miley Cyrus And Her Super Spreader Event Raises No Concern From The Left

Posted by on March 8, 2021 6:03 pm

Where is the left to scream that their favorite voyeuristic, tongue-wagging, pole-humping little starlet isn’t wearing a COVID face mask? Is anyone noticing that while this Hollywood creation is pulling at her leather clothing, in a teasing manner, surrounded by drooling men, she is not wearing a face-covering or social distancing?

“Singer and actress Miley Cyrus dined at 849 Restaurant & Lounge in Palm Springs Friday night. The restaurant posted a photo of the star on their Facebook page, posing with the business owners while seated at a table,” reported Tom Tucker.

“A comment posted with the photo reads in part, “to say she is lovely would be an understatement,” Tucker wrote in his article for KESQ, Miley Cyrus dines at 849 Restaurant & Lounge in Palm Springs.

In the comment section are numerous comments about being very close to the actress, with little to no concerns about the social distancing decrees of the California State Government or her favorite President, Joe Biden.

Is that strange that such a big advocate for Biden would not be respecting his face-masking demands? Isn’t it especially for people like Miley, who instruct people how to lick everything in sight, to virtue signal about masking?


Here is the starlet looking like a coked-up Stevie Nicks, only with a ton less talent, at Biden’s inauguration party.

Where is Biden to scold his Neanderthal buddy for her lack of fack masking in public? She is seen numerous times without regulation COVID masks.

Consider Miley Cyrus photographed here, Sunday, without a mask, and pulling at her top, teasing to show off her chest (as if the world hasn’t see her goods 1000 times by now) in a manner that should be reserved for porno movies in dark shady theaters.

Forget that the left has degraded American youth’s morals to the point where it is acceptable to be so sleazy and debased in public; let’s talk about that face mask thing-y.

Here is the trash mouth “bubblegum” strip-tease artist for teens propagandizing COVID, and virtue signaling about social distancing:


Notice, no mask in-between “sips and bites” for Miley and her friends. It is big news where she eats, but not that she is resisting COVID mandates?

And why isn’t this a “super spreader” event?

It is because she has the proper social score as a “Global Citizen”, and that is the new world that we live in, where people who do not “tow the company line” and virtue signal properly will be forced into subjugation and forced to wear face coverings. The evidence is right here.  This is not a “conspiracy theory.” This is our lives.



Clearly, Miley is special, and she doesn’t have to abide by Biden’s laws to cover anything up like the regular little people are and for some reason, the left accepts that treatment of Americans all while screaming that the White Old Men are keeping them down.

It is unclear whether there remains anyone under 40 who understands what America was supposed to be about anymore. “Freedom” used to be about more than just hanging your “naughty parts” out in public and grinding them around in public.

Look at me-I may be showing my age, back when people had common sense and Science actually meant something.


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