Whistleblower: Biden Responsible For Nearly All of New COVID Cases Via The ILLEGAL Aliens They Are Flooding Across The Border

Posted by on March 8, 2021 2:33 am
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Flooding the US with migrants from 3rd world nations is going to check so many boxes for the agenda of the communists in the Democratic Party that I do not think they will ever stop trying to conquer us through illegal immigration.

It’s bad enough when the left forces highly skilled workers into the country to compete for jobs where American candidates already out number available positions.

However, flooding the US with migrants … in brand new matching T-shirts with the Biden logo … and not even testing them for the supposedly SUPER DEADLY Covid 19 is just unconsionable.

Well, it does not matter if it’s moral, if its right, or if it will bring the nation to its knees.  As long as the party bosses and their owners get to fly private jets on our dime, while shutting off the power supply to ordinary citizens, they could not care less.

Get ready for another round of Covid … The number one import from South America is going to be a new form of the Covid virus that will be used to blame Texas, Florida and other states for pulling the suicidal lock downs and mask mandates ‘early’ … IE a F***** YEAR AFTER they said we would have to.

According to one local healthcare worker … it looks like the Dems already know where their next crisis is coming from … because, surprise, they are manufacturing it, again …

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘A recent caller to the Garret Lewis show in Tucson says nearly all of the new COVID cases in the local hospital are illegal aliens.

After his inauguration, Joe Biden immediately opened the US southern border to illegal migrants and fake refugees.’

KNST.iheart.com reported–

Via The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis

Eric’s wife is a nurse at Banner Hospital and says the hospital’s COVID ward had been empty over the past month but recently has filled up with non-English speaking COVID patients. Interesting timing as the illegal immigrants are welcomed into Pima County. The County will use this to show an increase in COVID and continue to lockdown our businesses.

Imagine being willing to do ANYTHING to get your hands around the neck of the most free nation on Earth, just so that you can lord over it, picking its bones dry.

There is nothing the Democrats will not do to gain complete and total control, even if it means killing American citizens in order to keep us locked down and … in the process kill out economy and kill more Americans from drug over doses, suicide and depression.

This is just SICK.  It’s treason, and its more than we should have to bare.

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