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Breaking: NY Lawmakers Demand Cuomo’s Resignation As Impeachment Is Imminent

Posted by on March 9, 2021 9:18 pm
Categories: The Beltway Report

I hate to judge someone by the way they look … but let’s be serious here, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo looks like he was cast perfectly for the part of ‘scumbag political/gangster’.

Sorry for the language, but sometimes the only word that perfectly sums someone up is a ‘four letter word’.

From the reports that have been coming out of NYC all that Cuomo needs is a gambling charge to have the trifecta of rackets.  First is murder scandal broke, complete with thousands of dead seniors and Cuomo grandstanding on their graves.

Next the abuse of women, with a new victim coming out, what seems like, everyday.

You know what they say about New York, one moment you’re the King of the city and the next you are in the gutter.  Well, after spending a few months as the Dems complete fake face against Trump, Cuomo is now in the gutter, and on the verge of either being impeached …. or resigning.

Personally, I don’t see this head of the Cuomo family crime syndicate going out on his own, I just don’t see it being his style, especially considering it was only a year ago that the Dems were holding him out to be the antidote to Trump.

Fox News reported in one article entitled ‘This ‘doesn’t end well’ for Cuomo: New York councilman believes there are ‘more than enough’ votes to impeach’ reported:

New York City councilman Joe Borelli said Monday he believes there are “more than enough” votes in the New York State Assembly and Senate to impeach Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D.’

JOE BORELLI: “If I had to estimate, I would say there’s probably more than enough votes in the State Assembly and the State Senate to vote to impeach. At this point it most likely is a matter of whether the legislative leaders pursue an impeachment investigation and bring charges against the governor. As we saw over the weekend, the drip, drip drip of bad stories is really becoming quite the puddle that the governor is standing in right now …

There’s no question that he’s hoping to buy time and hoping the story passes him by. I think though he is very cognizant that these continued calls for resignation are beginning to add up and at some point though, this investigation will happen

So, it’s unclear what he thinks will happen if these investigations go forward. I happen to think it doesn’t end well for the governor. I think the governor believes that himself. He was calling around very desperately last night from what I heard to Democratic legislatures and he is trying hard to make the case, that at least some people in the state are willing to not have calls for his resignation.”‘

Does Cuomo have the bravado to think he can whitewash the investigation?  The guy has hubris, but how much of it does he really have, that’s the $100,000 question.

The real interesting part will be how many people will Cuomo be bringing down with him?  When his scandal explodes, I have a feeling all those people who knew, yet still helped prop him up will be in deep **** too … what a shame, what a shame.

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