Secret Servers, Offshore Money and Codes: Busted For $2 Billion Tax Fraud Scheme, The Man Who Funded The RINO Movement

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A powerful, politically influential billionaire has been accused of running the most complex tax fraud scheme in U.S. history, and it is one that benefited several RINO groups and causes. The recipients of those funds need to be investigated for potential corruption and fraud.

“Robert Brockman, the former CEO of Ohio-based software company Reynolds & Reynolds, was charged in October with running a $2 billion tax fraud scheme,” CNBC reported on Friday.

In his article, GOP groups quiet as billionaire donor stands accused of running biggest tax fraud scheme ever, Brian Schwartz reported:

“Brockman’s most recent contributions to Republican committees came in 2017, ahead of the congressional midterm elections the following year, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Representatives of the organizations that are still active did not respond when asked whether they plan to refund or give the total amount of contributions away to charity in the wake of the allegations. The 2017 contributions had yet to be reported in the media.”

In 2011, a subsidiary of his company, Universal Computer Systems, Inc., gave $50,000 to The Restoring Prosperity Fund, a super PAC supporting Rick Perry, who ran against Romney for the 2012 Republican nomination.


Wall Street Journal reported:

“Prosecutors allege Mr. Brockman set up an encrypted email system to communicate with those involved in his offshore structure. They referred to each other using such fishing-related code names such as “Permit,” for Mr. Brockman, and “Steelhead,” for Mr. Smith, according to the indictment; the IRS was “The House.”

The IRS was alerted more than 20 years ago to Mr. Brockman’s offshore activities as a result of the litigation by his former salesmen.”


According to reports, Paul Ryan, who constantly betrays the people who supported him by supporting left leaving causes, is a major benefactor of Brockman’s.

In 2017, Brockman donated more than $80,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee, the political campaign organization for House Republicans. The GOP went on to lose the House to the Democrats, with Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., becoming speaker.

CNBC reported:

“Brockman also gave more than $100,000 to entities linked to former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, including a six-figure check to the Wisconsin lawmaker’s now-defunct joint fundraising committee. The Brockman NRCC donations were attributed on the filings to Ryan’s joint fundraising committee, which at the time was helping raise money for the Republican campaign arm.

Brockman also made a $5,000 donation to Prosperity Action, Ryan’s leadership political action committee, which has remained active since he left office. That contribution was transferred from Ryan’s joint fundraising committee to Prosperity Action.


“Brockman, through companies he controlled, also heavily financed a super PAC backing Mitt Romney for president in 2012,” according to a report by Mother Jones.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Brockman:

“Mr. Brockman learned of the tax investigation in June 2016, according to prosecutors. Soon after, a former UCS executive involved in the offshore structure, Don Jones, died. Mr. Tamine made several trips to the home of Mr. Jones’s widow in Mississippi to destroy documents and computer drives, according to Mr. Tamine’s account in one of his performance reviews filed with the court.”

“Those efforts meant that we could rest easy that any attempt to search Don’s home would be fruitless,” Mr. Tamine reported to his boss, according to the court filing.”

“Mr. Brockman has pleaded not guilty to 39 criminal counts, including tax evasion, wire fraud, money laundering, and evidence destruction. He and his attorneys didn’t respond to requests for comment.”

Prosecutors allege the bulk of the tax evasion stemmed from profits Mr. Brockman made from investments with Vista Equity Partners, a private-equity firm he helped launch in 2000 and which now manages $73 billion in funds dedicated to software investments.”

This story will be developing for a long time…

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