90,000 Ballots in Largest Nevada County Sent to Wrong Addresses!

Posted by on March 11, 2021 4:33 pm
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As if to give proof that mail-in balloting is a failure is the fact that over 92,000 ballots that were sent out by the state came back as undeliverable.

Those 92,000 ballots were returned from Clark County alone. Clark County is the home of Las Vegas and is the most populated county in the state. But, how many ballots that were sent out may have been used by other individuals. It also demonstrates how bad the current voter roll is.

States are required by federal law to update their voter rolls to purge those that moved away and those who have died. But most blue states refuse to do so, which in my opinion allows them to manufacture votes when needed.

Democrats get away with calling updating voter rolls ‘voter suppression’.

That is because the lapdog press will cover for even the most outrageous lies coming from the DNC.

The number of returned ballots comprises about 16% of all ballots mailed for the 2020 election. As a means of comparison, during 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018 General Elections combined, only 5,863 mail ballots returned undeliverable statewide and not just in Clark County.

The Democrats in the House passed an election bill that is so rife with the possibility of fraud, the Democrats will never lose another election if the Senate passes it.

From The Epoch Times

The nearly 800-page bill would largely shift power over elections to the federal government. It would discard state voter-ID laws, allow for same-day voter registration, ban witness signature requirements for mail-in ballots, and require that mail-in ballots can arrive as late as 10 days after election day (as long as it is post stamped by election day).

It would also make it a federal crime to “communicate or cause to be communicated” information that is knowingly false and designed to discourage voting and require a plethora of other measures.

“H.R. 1 does more harm than good for the American people and will leave them at a constant disadvantage to correct election system errors which ultimately impact their abilities to vote in a timely manner,” Adams said.

The bill “basically codifies everything that was irregular or outright wrong or the opportunities for fraud during last year’s election and makes it the law of the land,” Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita recently told Breitbart News.

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