CCP RISING: Evidence Of Packages To Georgia Election Center in Nov, From China Emerge, As CCP Takes Over Hong Kong Elections

Posted by on March 11, 2021 9:03 pm

More evidence has surfaced of mysterious behavior during the 2020 Presidential election, and this time there is photographic proof of connections between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the American election warehouse, which should trigger concern enough to investigate the matter.

“After checking the tracking number on the package above, we see the shipment (apparently 7 packages) was received in April of 2020 in Texas, shipped from China. The question is – what was in the packages, and how did they end up in Fulton County, GA?” DC Media reported Tuesday.

In their article, UPDATE: Images Surface Of Possible Evidence Destruction And Chinese Involvement In the November 2020 Election, Fulton County, GA, CD Media covered the story and showed evidence of mysterious packages going from China to an election warehouse in Atlanta Georgia.

“The subjects of all of the images in this article were found shortly after the November 3rd, 2020 general election in the trash at a Fulton County Precinct off English St, Atlanta, GA. The Fulton County election warehouse is located at 1365 English St, Atlanta, GA,” CD Media reported.

“You will see evidence which appears to show packages being shipped from China to the election facility. You will see email evidence of mass chaos and incompetence during the Fulton County general election.”

Please visit Creative Destruction Media for their full story, including photo evidence of tracking slips for the packages and emails discussing the contents of the packages.


The news of the packing slips come at the same time news of the Chinese Communist Party taking over elections in Hong Kong, an independent country, have hit the airwaves.

Epoch Times reported on Thusday:

“China’s rubberstamp legislature on Thursday approved a draft decision to change Hong Kong’s electoral system, making it virtually impossible for the opposition to affect outcomes of elections.

On the last day of the annual plenum of the National People’s Congress (NPC), a total of 2,895 delegates voted in favor of the electoral overhaul with zero against and one abstention.

The electoral reforms will further reduce democratic representation in the former British colony and introduce a mechanism to vet politicians’ loyalty to the Chinese regime and make sure only so-called “patriots” are allowed to rule Hong Kong.”


“This is the latest step by Beijing to hollow out the space for democratic debate in Hong Kong, and further undermine confidence and trust in China living up to its international responsibilities and legal obligations,” Dominic Raab, a UK government offical reported about the agressive moves by China to steal Hing Kong’s elections.

Sound familar? See a pattern?


The above information combined with a government report should trigger some sort of curiosity and investigation, in Americans had any rights left.

Consider, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe assessed that China interfered in the 2020 federal elections, according to a letter transmitted to Congress.

In the letter (pdf), Ratcliffe alleged that intelligence about China’s election interference was suppressed by management at the CIA, which pressured analysts to withdraw their support for the view.

Citing a report by the Intelligence Community Analytic Ombudsman Barry Zulauf, the director of national intelligence said some analysts were reluctant to describe China’s actions as election interference because they disagreed with the policies of President Donald Trump.

It is unclear if there will ever be a full investigation unto the 2020 Presidential election, and more details are forthcoming that Americans deserve more transparency.

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