Sidney Powell Breaks Her Silence: “This The Greatest Constitutional Crisis in the History of the Republic… ‘

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Yesterday, one of my favorite radio hosts, Pete Santilli, had on one of the most influential guests in American politics, Sidney Powell.

If you don’t know Pete Santilli and his show with Deb Jordan you are missing out.  Pete has been an ‘OG’ in the truth movement for about a decade now.

Santilli was the point man trying to negotiate a peaceful end to the conflict at Bundy Ranch.  For his trouble the feds threw him in a cell for a couple years.

While most people would give up after being a ‘political prisoner’ like that for years, Pete refused to quit and has overcome more adversity than anyone I know.

His refusal to quit, no matter what stood in his was has made Pete into a leader in the radio/TV space and he is having the big name guests on to prove it.  For instance … Sidney Powell, the woman to single handedly brought the Deep State to its knees …

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Attorney Sidney Powell joined Pete Santilli on Wednesday to discuss the current elections crisis in America today.

Sidney Powell told Pete, “This is the greatest constitutional crisis in the republic, save perhaps the Civil War.”

Powell praised the work and continued generosity of Mike Lindell and Patrick Byrne as well as her friend General Michael Flynn. She thanked the millions of prayer warriors who continue to stand with her in her investigation.

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As for the Supreme Court and their unwillingness to even look at the historic 2020 election corruption, Sidney had this to say:

“There are all different kinds of corruption. If nothing else it’s morally corrupt, intellectually corrupt and, I don’t know, or unpatriotically corrupt at the very least because this is the greatest constitutional crisis in the history of the republic, save perhaps the Civil War. And for them not to act in a timely fashion before January 6th, to actually examine the evidence of the fraud, which no court has ever done by the way. The only court that comes close is the one in Antrim County Michigan and that court is allowing additional discovery. That’s where Matt DePerno has simply shown, the lone wolf that has put his name and reputation and everything on the line to try to get to the truth… We have been met by massive, well-funded, coordinated resistance.”’

She is right, either we fix this problem or we lose the republic forever … there is no middle ground.  What’s it going to be America?

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