Drunk On Power: Feinstein Goes In For The Kill Shot, Re-Introduces Her Gun Bill

Posted by on March 12, 2021 6:04 pm

Diane Feinstein has been around DC, getting rich, for a very-very-very long time, and one of her fantasies bills is to defang Americans who don’t like her old hippie Commie-inspired leadership.  “Di-Fi,” as people call her, was rumored to be retiring a few months ago, as she approaches 90 years old, but that didn’t stop her from introducing a brand new gun-grabbing bill, on the heels of a House Bill that passed on Thursday.

BREAKING: Feinstein Immediately Pushes GUN BANS After House Passes Strict New Measures trendingpolitics.com/breaking-feins Another ancient CHINA MAMA HERE SINCE THE MING DYNASTY. Should BE THROWN THE HELL OUT OF THE DAMN SENATE WITH CHOPSTICKS SHOVED UP HER EGG ROLL!” one political watcher posted on Twitter in reaction to the news. 

Clayton Keirns, in his article BREAKING: Feinstein Immediately Pushes GUN BANS After House Passes Strict New Measures for trending politics, reported on DiFi’s utopian gun grab:

“When the Democrats said, “hell yes, we’re taking your guns” during the 2020 campaign, they meant it.

Just hours after Democrats passed a House bill that makes it harder for law-abiding citizens to defend their family with firearms, Dianne Feinstein announced a new push that entails sweeping gun grabs.

Feinstein and her left-wing colleagues somehow believe they’ll be able to stop gun violence if they punish those who actually follow the law. This is akin to banning cars from only good drivers. Makes zero sense.”


Does she really want to protect people, or is she lobbying for a foreign power that wants to invade our country?

Di Fi, a powerful member of the Democrat party,  has been trying to grab the American people’s ability to defend themselves for decades. Since she employes Communist spies and has decades-long ties to the Chinese Communist Party, it is curious to Americans where her loyalties lie.

She claims to be concerned about the “assault weapons” which gun users call rifles.  Using highly perfected fear porn propaganda against the American people.

She has been at it a very long time.

After a series of highly theatric mass shootings in the Obama years, DI-Fi’s push to get guns from law-abiding Americans grew in intensity.  She introduced the bill under President Donald J. Trump, but it got shot down. Now she is back again with new promise under Democrat Joe Biden and a new lust from RINO and far-left Marxist lawmakers.

It is unclear whether the American people really support Di-FI, all of a sudden, after many, many years of rejecting her bill in the past. We are supposed to be represented by civil servants.

But she never stops trying.

Di-Fi is the originator of US intervention into China to make them a superpower, and considering how many times China has declared war on the American people, our cultural institutions, and our elections since, Americans are wise to scrutinize Feinsteins extremely long career as a representative of China’s utopia and not of American voters.



Feinstein hasn’t met an opportunity she hasn’t exploited to grab guns. Now under Democrat Joe Biden, she may finally have her way with America.

Of course, the fact that her assistant was a Chinese Spy for the last 2 decades means support from the Marxist left and scrutiny from other Americans.

And Joe Biden’s sleepy approach to our freedom is like an open door to the end of the Republic.

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