EP 2365-9AM BORDER MESS: MGT, Boebert, Cruz, Hawley, Gingrich Team Up Against Biden

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Cruz And Hawley Team Up Against Biden – Ted And Josh Order The President To Admit The Border Situation

What’s Happening:

Democrats are truly scared of Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. And for good reason.

They were only a handful of Republicans willing to call out election “irregularities” and challenge the electoral vote. Their voices and influence brought the issue to many more Americans.

Democrats took their shot, hoping they could either kick them out of Congress or choke their support. They failed on both counts.

Now, Cruz and Hawley are on the offensive, demanding some answers from Sleepy Joe.

While Joe ignores reports and what’s going on down South, these men will not be silent.

From Fox News:

Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley accused the Biden administration on Tuesday of ignoring a crisis at the southern border…

“How much more will it take for the Biden administration to admit there is a crisis on the border?” Cruz wrote on Twitter…

“The border is approaching full-blown crisis, and the Biden Admin’s response is … nothing,” Hawley said.

The crisis at the border is getting so bad, CBP had to shut down highway checkpoints in Arizona in order to deal with it.

The surge of migrants is forcing officers to redirect resources, just to keep it from exploding.

Both Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Josh Hawley blasted Joe Biden for not even talking about it. In recent days, reporters have tried to get an answer from Joe.

He has refused to talk.

In one instance, Biden’s handlers shouted at reporters—a seeming attempt to prevent Joe from hearing them and answering.

That’s not good enough for Cruz and Hawley, not by a long shot.

Biden promised he’d do better than Donald Trump, right? That includes dealing with our problems at the border.

The Democrat was certain we didn’t need strict rules or a border wall to control the situation. Just play nice with Central America—give them aid—and the migrants will go away.

Nope! Things are clearly out of control and the administration has no idea what they’re doing.

So, they are ignoring it like kids who wet their pants on the playground.

But we all know what’s going on.

Key Takeaways:

  • Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley slammed Biden for ignoring the border crisis.
  • This comes as CBP had to shut down Arizona checkpoints to address the surge of migrants.
  • Biden’s administration refuses to answer to their obvious failures at the border.

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