Stimulus Bill Tax Scam: “We Already Have Money, We Are Pretending This is Relief”, Boebert tells David Harris Jr.

Posted by on March 12, 2021 6:04 pm

David Harris Jr. hosted US Representative Lauren Boebert on Thursday, and together they talked about the 1.9 Trillion dollar Stimulus package, which Boebert dismantled in a highly logical method showing the Marxist left is totally out of control with their shut down demands.

“We already have the money; it is a lie that this is a relief; it is to fund special projects,” Boebert said.

“This bill is going to put our country close to 30 Trillion dollars in debt, and they are leaving things out,” Harris said, asking Boebert for her reaction to the shocking betrayal of the American people by the US House of Representatives this week with the passage of this monster bill.


According to The Foundation for Government Accountability, “The House finalized passage of the super-sized $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill on Wednesday, calling it the American Rescue Plan of 2021 despite it failing to serve the majority of Americans. Although the bill did not include an increase to the federal minimum wage, an extension of unemployment and expansion of other welfare benefits continue to discourage Americans from returning to work.

“The American Rescue Plan is a massive win for the government and a huge loss for the American people. No matter how you look at it, this bill holds America back from recovery and Americans back from regaining their footing in the best workforce in the world,” said Robin Walker, FGA’s Director of Federal Affairs. “Blue state bailouts and an extension of the weekly unemployment bonus perpetuate the disincentive for states to fully open and prolong the disincentive for Americans to return to work. Equally paralyzing provisions in the bill, such as transforming the child tax credit into a monthly cash payment, further hurl Americans into chronic dependency. This bill is not popular with the American people, it is not bipartisan, and it further demonstrates the total hypocrisy of many of Americans’ government leaders.”


Boebert was also focused on small business relief and relief to families and was not happy about what passed.

“They are hurting the American people with this stimulus package because the best stimulus package for the country is to open up.  We need to open up our economy and allow small businesses to open, and allow children to go to school. Stop using our children’s education and hold their education hostage for your pet projects, “Boebert told Harris.


“Go to K Street and see exactly why this is happening.  You go there and see all the lobbyists who are putting the bubbly on ice and getting it ready for Pelosi and Schumer to bail them out and to fund these projects that they have been pushing so hard. And it is really unfortunate that they won’t re-open schools. We are spending more money in San Franciso than we are to open schools. And that money will be spent in 2021, 2022, and even later. We already have one trillion dollars that have already been approved and are unspent.  And we are coming back to the trough for another 1.9 Trillion and pretending that is a relief,” Boebert said.

“Relief for who, not for Moms and Dads or small business owners, ” Boebert, a small business owner in Rifle Colorado, told Harris. “We still have 100% of our bills, and I would like to see one politician who has missed a paycheck from any of this. They haven’t, and that is why they are okay with continuing to Americans stuck at home waiting on maybe a check from Biden. I have seen Biden drop more bombs than I have seen checks.  But we will see,” Boebert said.


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