The Politics of “Ugly”: Why Is This Pence Staffer Seen On MSNBC Crying About POTUS Trump?

Posted by on March 13, 2021 6:03 pm

Perhaps the only loyalty to “We The People” of  America that ever happens in Washington DC was between President Donald J. Trump and the citizens. That is a concept what we are seeing unfold in the aftermath of the 2020 Presidential election.  Consider how many politicians and government workers are seen switching sides now. Consider how many of Former Vice President Mike Pence’s staff are coming out of the closest as leftists.

“Washington DC is Hollywood for ugly people,” Paul Begala once said. POLITICO agreed, so it must be true.

Seen in this recent footage with avowed Marxist/Far Left provocateur Joy Reid is former Pence staffer Oliva Troye, who found a shoulder to cry upon on MSNBC. In the footage is Troye attempting to stir up some “palace Intrigue” by gossiping about President Donald J. Trump to the court jesters.

“Well, he has been obsessed with Operation Warp Speed from day one and the vaccine, right? He tried to use the vaccine as a prop for his re-election, and when the FDA and others tried to stop him, and he wouldn’t budge because they were trying to protect the lives of the American people and their process that would lead to a really safe vaccine he was mad. He was pissed off. He- he threatened them on social media, he went at them, and they were already articles about them saying about the things that he had done to every doctor and every public health official who took a stand against him.  he would just discredit and undermine them…”

She goes on to talk about how Trump wanted her special little task force to get serious and grow up and how she was outraged, hurt, and angry that she was required to work at something faster than “government worker speed”, doing something more than shuffling papers around to the FDA.


First of all, the Valley Girl language.  Is she a professional? No one uses “like” or “right” in professional speech. Secondly, Trump was “pissed off” at the FDA?  Oh, is that a crime?  So are the American people.  We hate your massive centralized bureaucracies, Oliva.  Sure they keep lazy people employed, but they get in our way of getting work done, and we are tired of seeing the managed decline of our homes, our families, and our country.

We don’t want your safety rails. We don’t need you or like you. Are you on to “Slurpee size” in your next important career rung?

Where is proof that President Trump threatened the FDA? And what does “he went at them” mean?  There is a reason you couldn’t get a job in the private sector; you speak nonsense.

She claims that Trump said, “things about every doctor and every public health official” as part of his “obsession” in getting a solid vaccine to the hurting people of America. Are there any parents reading this?

I wouldn’t accept this nonsense from my children.  She is on MSNBC because she is lying and gossiping. There are no facts in her testimony.

See if this creeps you out that this government worker, who makes her living off of the US taxpayer, describes herself thusly on her Twitter account:

Fmr Homeland Security, CT & Covid Advisor to former #VP Pence. #NatSec Prof. The truth hurts, but silence kills. Our Democracy matters. Director @AccountableGOP”

So she is going to hold the GOP accountable? She has elevated herself to holding the people accountable for who they choose to lead.

And most people would be wondering if the Oliva-type valley girls in DC could complete a grocery store list for a family of one.

Did you notice the photo on her wall of Anthony Fauci? Some people would consider it a hint of idol worship to place a photo of a man on your wall in such a fashion.  Remember this is a representation of who Pence trusted.

Are you wondering if Pence was ever on our side in the first place? This woman is the highest quality thinker and doer that he could choose to assist him in serving the American people?



Olivia, sweetie, some people call that sort of “obsession” by President Trump a “work ethic,” and he was acting as the American people wanted him to act; he got the world done.

The Civil Servant class, who shuffles around slowly watching the clock and getting nothing done, and never missing a paycheck, obstructed his work so that he could not serve the American people to the best of his ability.

That is the obstacle course people like you have set up for all of America’s hopeful citizens, and you are destroyed our country because of it.

You are jealous, and most likely, you are slow. And most likely unaccomplished other than being a political climber.  Americans are not like you actors and actresses in Washington DC.  We get work done. Your posts on Twitter are humiliating and embarrassing for you. You are the “swamp” that President Trump built a movement on.  No doubt he gave you an opportunity to get work done, represent the American people’s needs, and have some pride in working on a historical project, and all you did was whine and complain and moan.


Consider this, America.  Oliva gets to take exotic travels to faraway lands on tax money and be seen as “important”, yet she is still the victim.

And in her story, she discredits and attempts to shame Trump for being focused on delivering a vaccine, which would bring peace to citizens (many who do nothing but spit at him), and then she wants to be seen as the hero of vaccines for her aging mother.  This is the mental abuse that Trump was dealing with while he was in DC.


The President of the United States, who actually inspires and leads nations, has “hijacked” her little meeting?

Oliva-You are the problem, and you live off our tax money, and you spit in our faces.  When will America say enough to the government worker class who destroyed President Trump’s chances to lead to the best of his ability? Imagine how different the world would be if the Olivas of the country could get some work done.


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