CNN In Panic Mode After Ratings Completely Collapse, Desperate, They Try To Attack Newsmax

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If there is one person at CNN that is the most cancerous creature, the most un-American, anti-liberty, self loathing, hard to look at, ‘host’ at CNN, it has to be Brian Stelter.

Normally I would leave such a sad lil guy alone, but Brian makes it his business to try and ruin the lives of others.  The unhappy lil fella’s whole schtick is going around and trying to get people canceled.

CNN’s ‘star’ ‘personality’, Mr. ‘I’ll get you deplatofrmed’ himself, Brian, the Eunuch, Stelter

I’m guessing it’s because he is jealous that others find success, while he struggles to get anyone to turn into his show.  In one of the ultimate expressions of the clown world in which we live, Brian’s show is called … ‘reliable sources’. 🤡🤡🤡🤡 HONK HONK.

There is nothing reliable about Stelter, other than the fact that you can guarantee he is plotting to try and destroy the life of someone because they disagree with him, or he perceives them as a threat to him in some way.

His latest target is Newsmax, and Newsmax, who I like, but is far from perfect (none of us are) yet the one best ‘major’ player in cable news, right up there with OAN, was having none of it when the tore Brian to shreds:

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Newsmax is reporting:

‘Last night, CNN’s Brian Stelter contacted us about “Newsmax’s ratings declines for my CNN newsletter.”

Stelter contacted Newsmax at 9 p.m. on Wednesday night and said he would give us just one hour to respond, meaning a 10 p.m. deadline.

Without Newsmax’s response, CNN’s Stelter email newsletter, headlined “Newsmax’s rise and fall,” noted that “Newsmax TV gained a lot of attention last fall when disaffected Fox News fans flocked to the channel en masse. … Newsmax’s Nielsen ratings are way off the post-election highs that I wrote about three and four months ago.”

Stelter chalked up his “Newsmax is falling” story to his theory that “Newsmax is no longer getting a pro-Trump Big Lie ratings boost. Biden is a comparatively tame story.”

As it turns out, Biden is also a very tame story for CNN as well, which has seen its own ratings collapse in recent weeks.

Early Wednesday morning Newsmax sent Stelter the following response: “Only CNN would do a story on Newsmax’s drop in ratings when its own Nielsen total day impressions fell by 45% last week compared to the week after the election, and Brian Stelter’s own ‘Reliable Sources’ show fell by 44% over the same period with, more recently, his show having lost nearly 1 million viewers since January of this year.”

CNN’s Stelter was contacted to comment on his network’s ratings decline, but did not offer comment.’

So just how bad is CNN and Brian doing?  Let’s just say their numbers look more like the balance sheet of a bar in New York City after the Democrats economy crushing lockdown orders were issued:

Newsmax included the data:

For background, here’s CNN’s Nielsen ratings collapse data:

CNN — P2+ Impressions

Week of 11/9 M-F Total Day — 1.654 Million

Week of 3/1 M-F Total Day — 908,000

45% drop in audience

Week of 11/9 M-F Daytime — 1.855 Million

Week of 3/1 M-F Daytime — 1.059 Million

43% drop in audience

Average viewers Jan. ’21 — 2.1 Million

Average viewers Feb. ’21 — 1.1 Million

48% drop in audience

Brian Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” — P2+ Impressions

11/8/2020 show delivered 2.088 Million

3/7/2021 show delivered 1.164 Million

44% drop in audience

First 3 weeks of January — 2.1 Million

Last 2 weeks — 1 million

52% drop in audience’

More people see our posts on Facebook than watch Brian’s show, which is force fed through a network of contracts to air the Marxist propaganda in public spaces, airports and the like.

The real question is, can CNN survive without Donald Trump to lie about everyday?  Don’t hold your breath on that one.

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