Tucker Carlson Faces a Blowtorch! Fiery, Exclusive Statement From Col Jeff Tiegs

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Tucker Carlson, the host of the Tucker Carlson show on Fox, made some comments about Pregnant women in the US Military that started a controversy in some political circles.

The discussion then spilled out onto social media and then started some “bread and circuses” style reporting between rival networks, in what appears to be a ratings-grabbing scheme by several failing media networks, as media and political factions use the opening narrative on pregnant women in the military, to expand on fully discrediting the entire US Military in general.

Carlson seems to want an ongoing controversy with the US Military and seems to be encouraging his allies and other networks’ “news” stations to battle alongside him for ratings.

Some members of the US Military are speaking out, such Lt Col Jeff Tiegs, who made a video that has gone viral, and that blasted Carlson for confusing the topic of women in the military and the nature of “drama TV”:

David Harris Jr. Media received this statement personally from Tiegs in reaction to the popularity of the video. The following is unedited and in full:

A friend of mine asked me if I had any opinion or comment on the latest “Drama TV” where Master Gunnery Sergeant Scott Stalker, who is command senior enlisted leader of the US Space Command, took Tucker Carlson to the task.

Here are two comments.

First, I am not a fan of using logical fallacies to make your point.

Senior Enlisted Advisor (SEA) Stalker fell victim to the credentials fallacy. This is a logical fallacy that occurs when someone dismisses an argument simply because the person who made that argument doesn’t have formal credentials in the field being discussed or doesn’t have credentials that are viewed as sufficient.

It can also be called the Appeals to accomplishment fallacy. This is a logical fallacy wherein Person A challenges a thesis put forward by Person B because Person B has not accomplished similar feats or accomplished as many feats as Person A.

Now here is what I really find ironic. SEA Stalker is a key leader at US Space Command. What do you think Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant Stalker knows about space?

Here is Space Command’s mission statement- United States Space Command (USSPACECOM) conducts operations in, from, and to space to deter conflict, and if necessary, defeat aggression, deliver space combat power for the Joint/Combined force, and defend U.S. vital interests with allies and partners.

I could totally be wrong, but I would bet good money that SEA Stalker is not in his position of influence and leadership because he is an expert on space.

Tucker Carlson is not in his position of influence and leadership because he is an expert on women in the military. Tucker is an expert on recognizing politics and wokeness as it rides roughshod over practical truths.

Second, I enlisted in the US military and spent five years as an enlisted soldier before getting commissioned as an officer. I was always wary of becoming an officer that was overly concerned with the politics of something versus if it is the right thing to do or not. And by right thing, I do not mean the socially acceptable thing but the right thing for us to win our nations wars.

At every level of command in the military is a command team- a pairing of an officer with a Non- Commissioned Officer (NCO) also called the Senior Enlisted Advisor (SEA). The fail safe is supposed to be that the NCO / SEA firmly stands outside of politics and wokeness and speaks the truth that is necessary to keep our forces truly ready to win on the battlefield.

Unfortunately, as we have continued to “professionalize” the NCO corps and increasingly promote SEAs because of their commitment to walking the party line, we’ve lost the last voice of reason empowered to throw down the bullshit flag when it is warranted.

When Tucker threw down the B.S. flag, SEA Stalker quickly felt the need to stomp on it and offer some gesticulating distraction as if to say-” nothing to see here.”

If you listen to his argument, I believe he blatantly betrays the truth. He cites the decision was based on “medical professionals, commanders and civilian leadership”. During my service in the military, “medical professionals” did not drive command decisions. Warfighting is inherently an unhealthy business. He also flatly states that “civilian leadership” influenced the decision. Here is where the truth sits.

Woke civilian leaders aka politicians are behind this decision not military commanders.

When our military commanders don’t stand up for what they know is necessary to win wars, they willingly play only a supporting role to “medical professionals” and politicians. They willingly abdicate the leadership and representation our service members deserve.

This drama is another example of our military leaders, our non- commissioned officers as our last line of defense, abdicating their responsibility and getting in line behind the woke.

Of course we respect all of the women that serve in the military, of course we want to maximize the talents of all Americans that want to serve, to imply something different is disingenuous.

I take absolutely no pleasure in saying- maybe we should pay more attention on how to win our Nation’s wars instead of bowing to the woke left. I spent the better part of my adult life-fighting in wars that we never had the unity or commitment of both parties to actually win.

Very Respectfully,


Jeff Tiegs

Chief Operating Officer

All Things Possible Ministries

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