Dems Now Calling For Cancelling The Republican Party Extorting Corps, CNN Just Nods

Posted by on March 16, 2021 3:18 pm
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This is like watching a car crash in slow motion.

The same EXACT tactics that have been used in famous tyrannies throughout history, we already know how this ends, and it’s not pretty, in fact there are corpses everywhere.  Democide killed over 100 million people last century alone.

When you hear a ‘Democrat’ talking about ‘democracy’ and how much they value it … you can be sure they are lying.  See ‘democracy’ to the left and Marxists does not mean what it does to you and I.

To us democracy means everyone gets a vote.  Oh, and we live in a Democratic Republic, we don’t have a direct democracy because if we did 3 states would control the outcome of every election.

These days you hear a lot of Democrats suggesting that black people are treated so unfairly and are not allowed to vote … what on Earth are they even talking about?

Everyone who wants to vote has a chance to, there are no laws preventing legal votes, however, we do have laws (which the left is actively trying to end) which stop ILLEGAL votes from being cast.

This movement is about the Marxists ability to flood ballot boxes with impunity.  To get their way they are threatening anyone who has money that they can leverage, including corporations.

This is a protection racket, if your business does not cancel the GOP, they will make your life miserable.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Democrats are now threatening companies in Georgia to support illegal ballot harvesting, unregulated absentee voting, and mail-in voting in the state of Georgia.

Democrats know the only way the stand a chance to win is if they cheat.
And do they ever cheat!

Georgia Activist LaTosha Brown called for canceling the GOP live on CNN today.

Brown and Democrats are pushing corporations to stop funding any politician who does not vote in accordance with Democrat policies.

Democrats are warning local corporations to get in line or face the wrath of the left.’

They will stop at nothing short of complete and total domination of every aspect of your life.  Hold on dearly America, because we are in for the POLITICAL battle of our lives.

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