Fake News About the Death of Officer Sicknick, Used To Define Events Even Shakes Liberals

Posted by on March 16, 2021 3:03 pm

I was one of the first people to notice that CNN had corrected a story about officer Sicknick. I wrote about it here, thinking it should be one of the biggest stories in our country because the death of Sicknick, as tragic as it was, was being used to set a narrative that he would not have agreed with, that all supporters of President Donald J. Trump are racists violent infiltrators.

Paul Sperry wrote about CNN’s retraction on Feb. 4th, as did I.

It was a good week and a half before others caught up to me, and I still find that unsettling, for as fast as news moves nowadays. Still, not even the media on the right is prepared for the disgusting depths the left will go to lie, or how organized the left and their propaganda machine really are.

On Monday, Glenn Greenwald, a notable liberal with integrity, posted about the shocking oversite of the rest of the media, who have still shown no interest in the story that was totally wrong.

Here Greenwald, Editor of the Intercept, wrote in reaction to a post by Mark Hemingway, who was writing about the shoddy reporting over the 2020 election:

“The NYT claimed that a pro-Trump mob murdered Brian Sicknick by bashing his skull in with a fire extinguisher, and it caused the media to unite and affirm and melodramatically disseminate this story for more than five weeks. Until a small and quiet correction was issued.”

Greenwald points in the post above that as long as the outlet attacks its opponents, the left doesn’t care if the information is correct or made up.

“An overarching media rule in many sectors of US journalism is if you recklessly publish a story that maligns people hated by the outlet & its readers/viewers, and the story turns out to be false, the audience doesn’t mind, so the outlet also doesn’t,” Greenwald wrote.

Greenwald is a classic liberal who believes in journalistic integrity.  As with everything else, the left see the media as a tool for political dominance for their political party, and that is all they care about.

Consider these posts as proof:

Here, a dedicated opponent of Conservatives and a public tax burden/career public “servant” who lied under oath to cause President Donald J. Trump to be impeached is talking about using the judicial system to cause pain to people for “lying in the media”, except that would be him and places like CNN.

This is what we are all up against in America currently.  Any liberal, real liberal will be outraged and join us in trying to preserve these ideals for our shared country.  We have very little time remaining before the left has destroyed every norm we once held dear as free people.


Vindman lied under oath and the media reported, truthfully about it. CNN lied about SIcknick and then hid the evidence.

When radical far-leftist can attack the President of the United States and then talk about dragging journalists through the courts, when it is they and their own media who lies, we are in the final stages of the left’s power grab.


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