Coup Plotter ‘Karen’ Vindman: Ban Conservative’s & Their Opinions From Internet

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Opinion| Every once in a while I stop and think, ‘are you sure you are not crazy, maybe the talking heads in the media and government heavyweights are telling us the truth’.

The funny part is that every single time I have that moment of doubt, I see a story like this and realize, nope, we are not the crazy ones.

As yourself one question: When is the last time the people who were calling for censorship, dehumanizing their political opposition, engaging in political violence and trying to imprison political enemies, were on the right side of history?

The answer is NEVER

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Spoken like a true Soviet Marxist–

Failed impeachment star witness Alexander Vindman wants conservative media to be sued into oblivion in order to silence opposing voices in the United States.
Vindman wrote about this at the Lawfare blog on Tuesday.

After the failed impeachment Vindman later admitted he was a “Never-Trumper” and that Trump was a “useful idiot” for Vladimir Putin.’ reported:

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman (Ret.), a key figure in the first impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, published an op-ed Monday at the Lawfare blog in which he proposed suing conservative media outlets to make them less “radicalized.”

Vindman had worked at the National Security Council, and appeared in dress uniform before the House Intelligence Committee to testify against Trump in support of the theory that Trump had withheld aid from Ukraine in exchange for investigating his 2020 rival, Democrat Joe Biden. (Evidence provided by other witnesses contradicted that claim.)

Vindman would not reveal who the anonymous “whistleblower” was who reported the president’s phone call with the Ukrainian president, and recent analysis by Byron York of the Washington Examiner has suggested that Vindman himself was the main instigator of the investigation that led to the impeachment, which ultimately led to Trump’s acquittal.

During the impeachment inquiry, Vindman made much of the fact that he and his family had fled the Soviet Union, and that he had “a deep appreciation for American values and ideals and the power of freedom.”

In time all is revealed to us and it did not take long before Vindman’s distain for freedom of expression and the Constitution, reared its ugly head for all the nation to see.

Clearly this former Russian bloc citizen would have been happier staying in the Soviet Union.  If this type of tyrant was able to rise to the rank of Lt. Col. in America, we may have a serious issue with the loyalties to the Constitution of our Armed Forces.

Recent events have made the need for accountability more pressing than ever. Should anyone be surprised that viewers of right-wing media are radicalized when media personalities themselves promote radical ideas based on lies?

But while the rioters are being held accountable through the criminal justice system—and Congress at least had a chance to hold the former president accountable through the impeachment process—how can Americans hold the right-wing media responsible for its role in the attack? The mob that attacked the Capitol was born of hatred fomented by the right-wing media. These insurrectionists were raised for years on a steady diet of disinformation and half-truths, which produced the fertile fields for radicalization.

The First Amendment gravely limits the available tools to seek accountability for the right-wing media. Policymakers cannot, after all, tell media organizations what to say. Except in the most extreme situations, which are unlikely ever to arise, prosecutors also cannot accuse them of incitement.

Civil consequences, rather than governmental restrictions on First Amendment rights, could be a meaningful way to take what are fundamentally money-making ventures and demand truth from them, instill rigor in their reporting, and uphold accountability. Like a tabloid being sued and paying severe penalties, media companies and right-wing media personalities will claim that what’s at stake is freedom of speech. But defamation is not covered by the First Amendment, so this is, by definition, not true. And the generous standards in defamation law for purposes of protecting the press offer a true safe haven for good-faith actors even when they err. Putting companies in fear of the real costs in civil damages for slander, libel, and false claims that can cumulatively incite violence and that can individually harm actual human beings should have a restraining effect on their behavior.

Is your jaw hanging down to the floor too?  Why does the left want to censor us so badly?  How do they not see how evil that makes them … LOOK?

When did they go from thinking these things to saying thing, and without anyone in the media calling them out?!  This country is in for a political battle for its soul and we can not lose, for if we do, the entire Earth will be lost … forever.

Oh, and they will say ‘he’s just talking about some common sense financial incentives’.  As someone who has made a living publishing my right of center opinions on the internet for the last 8 years and watching the mega corps doing everything they possible can to bankrupt and silence us, I can promise you this doesn’t end well.

We are getting close and closer to the terrifying part of this list. The only thing stopping them at this point is our guns!

This does not end with ‘fines for fake news’ this ends with it being illegal to be a conservative, conservatives being banned from the internet, and ultimately death camp.  I know, that sounds extreme, but trust me, that is where these things always end.


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