2022 OH Battleground: Robert Santos Was Right About Lordstown Motors, Meet a Congressional Candidate

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Robert Santos, a former Marine, ran for a seat in the US House of Representatives for Ohio. A major part of his platform had to do with the business climate and his concerns over Lordstown Motors in Ohio’s 13 district. Recent news is a scathing rebuke on the people who overlooked Santos.

“GM-backed Lordstown Motors downplays accusations it faked preorders. It’s another headache for GM, which pared down its partnership with Nikola, another electric truck company after the startup misrepresented its trucks’ capabilities,” NBC News reported on Thursday.


“From day one, I said that I didn’t trust Lordstown because, like another company in the area, they had a great idea, but they didn’t have a product we could see.  Here in Ohio we need to have stability and jobs that are going to stay here.  Ohio used to be the heartbeat of manufacturing, and we are just barely hanging on now,” Robert Santos told me about Lordstown motors. “I was trying to protect The Valley; that is what we call ourselves. I think Tim Ryan shows a total lack of judgment about Lordstown, and I said it then.  People were excited about jobs.  I understand that, but I wanted trust restored,” he said.

“We were told we were going to get big government contracts because of Lordstown, and at the time, I got some negative attention for pushing back on the project, but they didn’t have a product, and I wanted to protect the people here,” Santos said.

“This is bad for our area, and it upsets me, but what if what you see in the news happened after people had gotten jobs and thought they were going to be stable, and then this happened, perhaps it would worse?” Santos said.

This story has legs, NBC continued, “Facing a probe by the Securities and Exchange Commission and an internal investigation, officials at electric truckmaker Lordstown Motors tried Wednesday to downplay concerns raised by a new report suggesting they misled investors with phony sales numbers.”

That is exactly what Santos said he was concerned about in Facebook posts in 2020.

“Lordstown is one of several startups hoping to gain traction in the emerging market for battery-powered trucks. But short-seller Hindenburg Research last week published a report raising serious doubts about Lordstown’s assessment that it has over 100,000 non-binding production reservations from commercial fleet users for its Endurance pickup,” CNBC reported on Thursday.


Santos is running again for 2022, hoping to get a chance to build trust back in the government and get jobs back in the area.  Santos is one of the American First candidates who is running with an eye on restoring some of President Donald J. Trump’s policies.

A recent post on Santos’ Facebook page shows he has his mindset on jobs for Ohio as a priority:

“I wonder what Tim Ryan’s excuse will be this time. The pensions were stripped by a democratic, Obama, and BIDEN. However, Tim Ryan has blamed President Trump. Well, now his party has all three spots. These men and women of Delphi had their pensions stripped Illegally. It is shameful we are treating HARD WORKING BLUE-COLLAR workers like this. Congressman Tim Ryan, you have failed the people,” Santos wrote.

Santos might be on to something calling Ryan out.  Among Ryan’s recent concerns for Ohioans is this post on Twitter showing where his focus really is:

From a recent Facebook post, Santos wrote:

“District 13, you all know I am in no way a politician. Heaven knows we have too many of those and look at the state we are in. I am a father, a husband, your family, and your friend. I get up every day at 4 am and get dirty to provide for my family.
These boots have traveled the world! I love God, family, and our country. We don’t have time to play politics when it comes to our lively hoods. It’s time for someone who can make hard decisions! Even if it is not popular. Let’s save unborn children. Let us make harsher penalties for sex trafficking!
STOP voting for career politicians who only care about their re-election or candidates that just want to swim in the swamp.
Together, we can make solid decisions that will bring us up from destruction!
My oath to serve this nation never expires.

Santos will continue to make business in Ohio a platform issue for his 2022 race. Please visit his website.


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