Raynard Jackson: ‘HR1 Is Corrupt, It Could Gives Illegals A Vote And It Is Bad For Black Americans’

Posted by on March 20, 2021 12:03 am

What exactly is HR1, and would it really give the right to vote to illegals? According to media sources, the answer is that the Bill is about a political power grab, and yes, it would expand voter rights to illegals.

“The Corrupt Politicians Act and is the single most dangerous piece of legislation before Congress right now,” Republican Ted Cruz, US Senator from Texas, said. He isn’t alone.


“This bill could change everything,” Raynard Jackson, a political consultant, said. “There is no way to verify how people voted and who they are,” he said, leading that anyone will be able to vote in elections. “Liberals want to bring up the race card, and some things are beyond the pale. This bill will lead to voter fraud. You can’t identify the voters; that will lead to fraud,” Jackson said.


Western Journal covered Cruz’s reaction, “Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas believes that H.R. 1 — the “For the People Act” — should be called the “Corrupt Politicians Act,” and he’s right on the money.

The resolution takes the worst practices of the 2020 election and codifies them into law nationwide, with some added doozies that just make you shake your head at how brazen the Democrats can be,” Western Journal reported.

Awesome PJ Media article says illegals will get to vote:

It does something else you won’t hear much about H.R. 1 nullifies the constitutional bargain of 1787 that made the United States possible. The supporters of H.R. 1 are the new secessionists – the ones who aim to undo the foundations of the Union.

States were given the power to run their own elections for a reason. Decentralization of control over elections promotes individual liberty. No central authority can interfere and impose bad ideas and malevolent actions over states.

Power, the Founders believed, should be kept close to people.

The advocates of H.R. 1 don’t want power close to the people. They want it in Washington, D.C.

The advocates of H.R. 1 seek to undo the constitutional arrangement of 1787, where states have power over their elections. Nullifying the constitutional power of states over their own elections would be destabilizing. Some of the most precarious moments in our history came when actors sought to undo the constitutional arrangement.”

And Raynard Jackson says it is bad for Black Americans, and Conservatives are not doing a good job messaging that point of view.  According to a recent NBC article:

Raynard Jackson, a Black conservative who works in political communications, says Republicans need to get better at combating Democratic messaging.

“The media from the liberals, they all use ‘voter suppression.’ Conservatives have said absolutely nothing to deconstruct that myth,” Jackson said.

Jackson says it’s “insulting” to suggest that because someone is a minority or poor, they don’t have a government ID.

“Isn’t it amazing,” Jackson said. “Liberals think especially Black folks are so lazy, stupid, and ignorant; they don’t know how to go down to their local library? They don’t know how to go to their local DMV?”

Jackson noted the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, which also opposes photo ID at the polls, has required state-issued IDs at its events. That included a 2014 anti-voter ID “Moral March” event where demonstrators were required to “bring photo identification (driver’s license, passport, or other valid photo id with you and keep it on your person at all times.” At another event featuring Obama Administration Attorney General Eric Holder, journalists were required to show government-issued photo IDs. During his speech, Holder told the crowd that election photo ID requirements are equivalent to a “poll tax.”

“Conservatives have never called these liberals out on this hypocrisy,” Jackson says.

Hopefully, someone will see this video and help save American elections.


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