NC Election Official Admits She Changed Laws, Calls Them “Rules”: Do Trump Supporters Get Equal Protection?

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North Carolina still has legal cases working their way through the courts that seek transparency and remedies over massive strange behavior by officials during the 2020 Presidential election. A Tsunami of illegal Absentee Ballots was forced upon the election system, even after Federal Courts ruled that North Carolina had to stop changing election laws while people were voting.

“I changed the rules, but not the laws. We modified the laws to accept absentee ballots 9 days after the election with my team because the legislature was not in session,” said Karen Binson Bell, on Tuesday to the North Carolina General Assembly, Committee for redistricting and elections.


“The rules that were changed were in direct violations of the laws, so how do you explain that? ” Senator Krawiec asked, and Bell responded that the State Board of Elections was charged with all the votes being counted.

So Bell negotiated with far-left radical Democrat Mark Elias, claiming she had a bi-partisan board who reached these new rule changes and ignored the fact that 2 Republican members of the State Board of Elections resigned after she negotiated with the Democrats, claiming they had been misled.

“If you change a rule that changes a law, you have changed the law. And this body is where laws are made and changed,” Kerwaic said.

And that was the nature of a hearing in North Carolina on Tuesday, with Bell claiming that her personal concerns allowed her to change election laws while people were voting.

“Karen Brinson Bell must appear before the North Carolina Genearl Assembly to answer for her conduct in the 2020 election that a judge said to appear to ignore the rule of law,” one reporter wrote, who is a director of local Conservative think tanks.


Bell opened the hearing by saying she is enthusiastic about the election turnout. She is passionate about her job and their job with the State Board of Election, which many see as an activist.

“Democrat Party litigated an assault on the election process,” Senator Newton said.

“Bell was Secretly negotiating with a representative of the Democrat Party Marc Elias, and the legislature says they did not know about the settlement that would change laws,” Senator Newton said in his opening statement.

“Confidence was shaken and her behavior was collusion,” Newton said.

Asked if she believes that trust is important in the election process, her answer was odd.

“Thank you for having me, and I want to speak about elections that we hold so dear.  It is my passion, and I have worked for 15 years on elections. I have earned trust because I worked to launch a hashtag campaign and a critical infrastructure during a pandemic as we have never seen before we watched out for safety. We were getting trust.  We had so many voters we must have had their trust, that they were not worried about disease,” she said.

“The rules [about voting] were changed after the election started, but the laws were not changed. People were worried about getting a disease and about the mail getting the ballots to the right place.  We had gotten calls about it. The rules about voting needed to be addressed because of the pandemic. So we sought the least amount of changes. The rules were being changed across the country. The people trust us.  We are public servants, so they trust us,” Bell said.

Points of importance from the hearing:

Gary Bartlet referred her to the position of Director right before the election.

Bell claims to be non-partisan in her longtime work as an election official; however, discussion about her social media showed a lack of transparency on the matter of her deactivating her Twitter when pushed on nature of Tweets, as she became very nervous and defensive about the political nature of her tweets.

” I did have a Twitter account until May 2019. I will keep my tweets secret,” Bell said. “I don’t know the relevance of my tweets on this issue,” Bell said.

On the discussion of the exploitation of the definition of “Emergency powers in a Natural Disaster,” which was a valuable tool for Democrat Governor Roy Cooper to have a massive power grab over the state hurling them into pandemic shut down that gave him extra authority over courts and elections, Bell was evasive.

Cooper, using the CDC data, had several executive orders to justify his emergency powers to re-define a “natural disaster.”

“The legislators were not in session when we had to take action to redefine a Natural Disaster in order to get Emergy powers, ” Bell said.

“My concerns were not with the legislators; I was only worried about the State Board of Elections. I don’t recall when I found out that the legislators were not informed.  I was busy. We had people who feared getting sick and 700 people in one lobby, who were afraid of getting a disease, who wanted their ballots counted.  I don’t know who was keeping you in the dark. I am not an attorney,” Bell said.

If you understand how Community Organizing works, it is obvious how the Democrats got their hands on the 2020 Presidential election and shifted rights away from President Donald J. Trump supporters.

“You have the ability to bind the legislators, but you didn’t have to inform us? Your negotiations did bind the legislative body,” Senator Newton said.

Interesting.. right?  Watch.


From attending training with the State Board of Elections and voting in this state for 14 years, I can testify that the SBE is a far-left organization that seeks to hide, encourage and utilize voter fraud over any concerns they have to protect legal Americans votes. That is what we are dealing with here in North Carolina.

Consider what they are concerned with today, on the day of their hearing:


Civitas reported in October.

Judge William Osteen Jr. of U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina issued two orders on the evening of October 14 in the ongoing dispute. While they provided different results, both emphasize the illegal actions of NC State Board of Elections (SBE) Executive Director Karen Brinson Bell.

Democracy NC v. NC State Board of Elections

In his final ruling in Democracy NC vs. NC Board of Elections Osteen ordered the SBE to not to implement a cure process for absentee ballots missing signatures from witnesses or people who helped a voter maker their ballot (page 41):

… the North Carolina State Board of Elections is hereby ENJOINED and PROHIBITED from implementing a Due Process or ‘cure procedure’ as described in Revised Memo 2020-19 which authorizes acceptance of an absentee ballot without a witness or assistant signature…

The cure procedure Osteen slapped down involved sending a certification to the address of a voter whose ballot did not have a witness or assistant signature. That procedure violates North Carolina election law, which requires witnesses and assistants to sign a voter’s absentee ballot container envelope.  Instead of the illegal cure process sought by Bell, county boards of elections will issue new ballots to people who submitted ballots without those signatures.

I reported on the matter in October here:


75.4% of voters cast some kind of ballot, so Bell believes that everything was very, very good in North Carolina. She is thrilled and proud, and her concerns were that “the people got COVID while recounting.”  Other than that, she has no regrets at all. “There were zero clusters of COVID while voting, and I am so happy and proud of that,” Bell said proudly, smiling and pleased.

And refusing to acknowledge that due to her concerns, she changed North Carolina laws and shifted an entire election.


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