George Floyd The Icon: Duke University Will Punish Data Driven Science To Promote The Left

Posted by on March 27, 2021 9:03 pm

A freshman at Duke University, a school that was one time held up as a beacon of virtue in education, reported to the local news that he was absolutely terrified for his life because someone posted a toxicology report, on a flier, on an information board depicting George Floyd. Duke University seeks to punish whoever placed data on the public memorial.

“Matt Mohn, the freshman who found the flier, called the act “audacious” and said the paper was taken down about 30 minutes after he reported it to his resident adviser, KCTV 5 reported, citing CNN,” The New York Post reported.

“Duke University is investigating how a printout of George Floyd’s toxicology report, with comments insinuating his death was related to drugs, ended up pinned to a Black History Month bulletin board display on campus, according to the school and reports,” NYP reported.

George Floyd’s unfortunate death has been the foundation of a massive and violent Marxist-influenced shift in the country on the entire practice of policy, as well as the highly controversial and racist demands of a new sort of religion in a public policy called “Critical Race Theory.”

Floyd is seen as a sort of religious figure to the left, whose life can not be investigated or allowed to be scrutinized at all. Many people feel it is intolerable to consider any opposing information than what Community Organizers have stated is the truth about George Floyd’s life and death.

Duke University appears to be saying that they will uphold the Iconoclasm of George Floyd over the medical data of his death.


Mohn described the terrifying indecent as an unexpected, dehumanizing, and vicious attack on all Black people, claiming, “All of a sudden, someone comes up and is essentially sticking a thumb in the face of every black person, saying his life didn’t matter, that he wasn’t a good person, because of one $20 bill,” Mohn said.

Mohn continued by making claims that the motivation to inform people about the inaccuracies of the powerful Floyd propaganda, with medical and scientific data, was an act of dehumanizing people.

“I was just really, really surprised by it, that someone would put that much effort into trying to strip someone of their humanity for no reason.”

At one time in American history, there was a push for Black Americans to have equal access to learning, education, and information, so the story is a bit unsettling to people who remember those days.


Mohn told the media that another freshman, who is black, saw a photo of the flier and said he was “honestly terrified.”


“That happened right down the hall from where I sleep, from where I’m supposed to be safe,” Michael Manns said.

“The thought that it could be someone I’ve lived with all these months really terrified me.”


In a letter to the student body that was sent to every undergraduate student, Duke said the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards as instructed by leftists to show unconscious bias to the students, the Office for Institutional Equity and the Duke University Police Department are probing the incident. Asking for people to investigate, they note shame, mock, and attempted to humiliate the perceived evil-doers.

According to the letter, there are mental health resources available for all students harmed, and there will be repercussions for people whether they find the culprit or not.

“We are also working closely with our Campus Life departments to provide direct outreach to Black-identified students. Additional support resources available to all students are included below the signature of this message.

This communication follows the recommendation of the Summer 2020 Hate and Bias Working Group to provide more transparency to the student community in cases of anonymous acts of bias. For more information about the committee and our policies, please see below the signature. ”

This is the state of costly private education these days. These are the future engineers, doctors, public policymakers, and lawyers.


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