Oral Roberts: Great American Christian School Has Great ‘Come From Behind’ Game, Left Wants Them Canceled

Posted by on March 27, 2021 9:03 pm

Some Americans still love a good “Come From Behind” story in sports; when the little guy wins a magnificent honor against all odds, however with the new shift in American culture toward Marxist ideology, some Americans want everyone canceled unless people can affirm same-gender sexual attraction, or LGBTQ plus dominance.

Consider this NCAA story about Basketball and those who wish to dominate it, even when they don’t play in the game:

“Few people gave 15th-seeded Oral Roberts University much of a chance to knock off second-seeded Ohio State. Fewer still expected the Golden Eagles to advance to the Sweet 16.

But after an 81-78 come-from-behind victory over seventh-seeded Florida on Sunday night, ORU is just the second No. 15 seed in NCAA Tournament history to advance to the round of 16,” reported Sports Spectrum.

Oral Robers, a Christian school, is shaking up college basketball, and that is the stuff of blockbuster movie plots in some far away, long-forgotten land called the United States of America. So the left wants them out of the championship.

That is the basis of cancel culture and an easy way for the left to win based on their unique sexual preferences. As if that has anything to do with Basketball, or anything else. Remember “stay out of my bedroom?”

I digress.

Today, however, not affirming people’s individual sexual preferences is the fodder of leftist cancel culture, and is promoted by the ‘ethical and moral leaders of today’s society who claim anyone who isn’t supportive and encouraging of making Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender the bosses of everything can’t exist. That is the simplified message of their powerful ruling ideology.

Oral Robert University’s recent NCAA victories put them on the radar to be destroyed by the left.

Hemal Jhaveri went on a full-blown attack demanding that people stop celebrating them in her article titled,  Oral Roberts University isn’t the feel-good March madness story we need.

Oral Roberts University isn’t the feel good March Madness story we need | Opinion


In her op-ed, Jhaveri wrote:

“Now, Oral Roberts is primed to reap the rewards of the work from their unpaid student athletes. On the backs of those hard working kids, the university will seek to rewrite the narrative of their school into one of athletic victory when in fact, it’s steeped in bigotry and an exclusionary fundamentalism. The NCAA gave Oral Roberts that opportunity by allowing them into the tournament. Fans and media, eager to embrace a Cinderella story, helped push that narrative along either without knowing all the facts or willingly burying them as irrelevant.

However accomplished its young student athletes are, the school is a hotbed of institutional transphobia, homophobia with regressive, sexist policies. There is no way to separate their men’s basketball team from the dangers of their religious dogma, no matter how many top seeds they defeat.

Often, athletic accomplishments and victories on the court make up for moral failings all the time. In this case though, whatever the Oral Roberts men’s basketball team manages to do on the court can’t obscure the dangerous and hateful ideology of its core institution. It’s always nice to root for the underdog, but in this case, there’s very little to actually cheer about.


She goes on to say:

“As a private university and under the banner of fundamentalist Christian beliefs, the school is free to impose whatever standards of behavior they see fit, even if those standards are wildly out of line with modern society and the basic values of human decency.”

Jhaveri often writes about her proud Indian heritage. Her point of view is not appreciated by Black Americans, and this used to mean something to the left before they replaced their messaging with an actual push for segregation that we are currently seeing in society.

Shortly after her obvious attempt to stir up a civil dispute over Oral Roberts University, Jharvi was fired from her job for another jab at White American men.

What we know is that Jharvi was fired for using her position of power. She was fired for having an anti-America bias that Americans must be LGBTQ plus affirming in all that they do. The truth is that no, we don’t.

Considering her complete lack of remorse for being racist, sexist, and a Christianphobe, the smart money isn’t on Jhaveri coming from behind to win anything in the near future.



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