President Trump Sounds The Alarm, Blows Whistle On John Durham

Posted by on March 27, 2021 1:33 pm
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Everyone who supports, supported or knows of Donald Trump likely knows who John Durham is.  Well, more accurately, we are all aware of who John Durham was SUPPOSED TO BE.

Durham is SUPPOSED to be a United States Attorney from Connecticut who was appointed by Attorney General Barr to investigate the origins of the plot to spy on, and sabotage the campaign of, Donald Trump starting in at least 2015 going forward.  Spying that continued well into Trump’s time in office and likely has not stopped since.

Just like Attorney General Barr, Durham is turning out to be a complete and total failure.  A few years ago sites like ours were over the moon with Barr’s tough talk about getting to the bottom of the ‘spying’ that had been perpetrated upon President Trump.

We are all hoodwinked, while our hopes were through the roof and we waited with bated breath for Durham and Barr to actually DO SOMETHING, the joke was actually on us ….that moment never came.  Instead Trump was deposed by what sure looks to be a BS ‘election’ and now some of Trump’s biggest supporters are being investigated by that very same United States DOJ as ‘seditionists’.

Boy, wasn’t that a quick turn around.?  Well, luckily, the law does not care about your political beliefs in America … lol, just kidding.

ALL the law cares about in this country is your political beliefs.  If you are a Marxist insurrectionist, nightly trying to burn down the Portland Federal Building and kill the Federal Officers inside, you are A.O.K., no problem, just keep on burning.

However, if you are a conservative and walk past barriers (that police are moving out of the crowd’s way) to get closer to the Capitol Building (that you pay for, where the people you employ work) you are going to solitary confinement.

Now, this is not to say that those who trespassed at the Capitol were in the right, nor that those who committed acts of violence should not be held accountable.  All I’m saying is that we need ONE singular standard of justice in this country.

Now, months after leaving office Trump is left asking ‘Where’s Durham’:

From statement was issued from the desk of Donald Trump, it was short, sweet, and right to the point:

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

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