Video: Tucker Utterly Humiliates Biden Live, on National TV, After Biden Puts All of Our Lives At Risk

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Biden held his first press conference and all I can say is that it was a mess.

One thing we got out of it is that Joe is on his way out.

Joe Biden is clearly not all there mentally.  This is not even a dig on the man, it’s a fact, Joe Biden is not well.  Period, full stop.  If you can’t see that … guess what that suggests about your mental health and your ability to evaluate reality …

Tucker Carlson weighed in on the mess and pretty much nailed it.

From Leisa Audette at 100 Percent FED Up

Leave it to Tucker Carlson to demolish Joe Biden’s attempt at a real press conference today. Carlson’s sarcasm hits hard when he discusses how North Korea watched the sh*t show. He sarcastically said they’re shaking in their boots for fear of Biden.

The sarcasm continues. Carlson touches on the part in Biden’s speech where he said the attempt by Republicans to get voter ID passed is “like Jim Crow.”

Carlson went on to discuss the shocking news that Biden plans to run again in 2024. Biden claims he’s united Americans but Carlson calls him out on the lie.

He pivots to the media and says they’re one group who remains utterly united in their love and support of Joe Biden.

The next topic was the kids at the border and how the media accepts the coverup of what’s going on there. Included in that segment is a clip of PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor prefacing her question about the border by saying illegals are coming because they know Joe is a “moral and decent man.” Alcindor was notably really nasty to President Trump during his press conferences.


“Joe Biden’s Pregnant Pauses Were Third Trimester Quintuplets…These Pauses Were Ready to Burst”

This article was written by Leisa Audette at 100 Percent FED Up

Such weakness from an American President is an invitation for the vultures that are circling the corpse that is the United States Government, to swoop in and pick us apart.

Just this month Putin punched Biden and our Secretary of State was utterly humiliated, on US soil, by his Chinese counterpart.  The world is laughing at us … this isn’t funny … it could turn deadly at any moment.

If America is to make it though this she must have strong leadership, one that our enemies FEAR, not one that our enemies OWN …

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